Review:- Rimmel Nail Polish

Hey Everyone!!..

I was looking for some new nail polishes for the autumn/fall season, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a Rimmel counter in one of the shops in the mall the other day. The shop is called Parcos, ground floor Phoenix mall, Pune

I think their product line is absolutely amazing & affordable, I felt like buying one each of everything! 

So, on the right we have Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in no. 600 Deliciously Dark for Rs. 185 & Rimmel Pro in no. 403 Hypnotise for Rs. 250 on the left, and this one promises to stay on upto 10 days. 

I'm absolutely in love with  deep wine, dark plum/ berry-ish colour for this season   and I'm so thrilled to find these babies.  I even found matching lipsticks which I'll be talking about in my next blog. I thought they deserved to have a blog post all about them. ;) :P

The consistency of the nail paint is really nice and thick, highly pigmented, therefore the colour is visible within one coat itself, but I went ahead and applied two coats for a more polished look.

I haven't had the opportunity to apply the deliciously dark shade yet, will definitely write about it once I do. There were some other adorable colours in the Rimmel pro collection, like mint green, coral, bright purple, pearly beige, etc which I have been lusting for a long long time and haven't had the chance to get my hands on.

Whats your favorite Autumn/Fall nail polish?!!..


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New Earrings from Accessorize

Yesterday I went navratri  shopping with my mum, and we found this gorgeous earrings at Accessorize. We instantly fell in love with these, and my mum decided that she'l gift me these. 
It was priced at Rs. 1399/-  which I feel is okay ( unless the stone falls  off in a month ) .
I feel that won't really happen, because they do use really good material, and I have a few old ones which are still intact.  
These earrings will go perfectly with a black sheer sari,  anarkalis, navy dress etc . I think it'll instantly glam up anything you wear. What I like about them is that they're really wearable, won't drag your earlobes down, as they aren't so heavy. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on these!
Would you purchase them?

                                                                THE earrings!

                         In a different background, the earrings came wrapped in these pretty pink paper

                          This is how it looks on..

P.S:- Navratri is a festival dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga, and it literally means Nine nights. Wish you a very Happy Navratri :)

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