Review: Rimmel Lipsticks

Hey guys!! so today I'm going to be talking about these Rimmel Lipsticks that i have been loving .. The best thing about them is the price. Its just for Rs.250, and super pigmented. They have an amazing colour range and this two were my favorites.

The one on right is Cutting edge and its this really pretty purple shade, and the one on the right is Heart Breaker, which is a lovely bright fuchsia. In terms of wear i think they stay on for like almost 6 hours, unless you eat something.

I know they look really similar on my hands, please forgive my photographic skills.. :P

I'm wearing the shade Heart Breaker below:-

And Cutting edge here:-

I loved the Vampy look it gave me!!..

So to sum it up all I think Rimmel has some great products and they are really affordable. I absolutely love their nail polishes and lipsticks. There is this another product that I LOVE and I'm going to be talking about it real soon here. It's for all you oily girls out there like me ;) ;)

I would love to know if any of you have ever tried their Lipsticks, and if so which is your favorite?
I hear there's a new Kate Moss Collection, has anyone tried it yet?


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