My Spring ready Nails..

Here is my take on bright nails for spring.

Mint is one of my favourite colour for spring and summer. 
I used the colour 'Misty Jade' from Rimmel's I love long lasting finish collection, which is the mint colour, on all of my nails and for the bright pop of colour I used a tangy orange colour on my ring finger.. To make it stand out a little bit more I added a layer of big chunky silver glitter on top of it..:) :) 

  What's your favourite spring nail colour??
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Lilac obsession *spring fever*

Hey everyone!

So I happened to pass by the rimmel counter at the mall, and I saw this colour and at that very moment, I knew, this was coming home with me.. :) 
The colour just screams spring!..Its such a soothing pastel colour, perfect for a hot sunny day..
My mood instantly brightens up every time I look at my nails..

It lasts longer than the other drugstore nail polishes I've used, almost like a week if i didn't do my dishes or laundry :P 

What's your favourite nail polish colour for spring?

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Outfit of the day!!

So today I thought I'll do a quick outfit of the day for you..


Top: Zara
Trousers: Mango
Shoes: Gossip

and I had some time to kill so I went ahead and curled my hair using the Remington pearl wand ;) 

 Before we move on to the makeup, can we take a moment and see the view behind me!!.. 

 I went with a fairly simple eye (  you can check it out here my-everyday-makeup-routine )
and for a pop of colour on my lips I went with shade with shade no 20 from the new Kate moss collection lipsticks from Rimmel London. Its a bright fuchsia colour ( love at first sight) <3

Whats your favourite spring trend??!!
and if you do OOTDs then I would love to check them out so don't forget to mention your urls down below.
I hope you have a fantastic day ahead.

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