Two Products to Stop Hair-fall!!..

Hey Everyone!!..

Hair Fall!!!!!!.. All of us must have faced it at one point or the other.
I definitely have had my share of terrible hair-fall in the past. It was so bad I almost felt I was getting bald. I was loosing so much hair every time I brushed my hair(100-500) or washed, it got so bad that I was literally scared to touch my hair, scared that I might loose more hair. I used to tie it up in a braid and not comb it the whole day, making it worse. I went to a hair specialist, and got prescribed with some vitamins & minerals, but I didn't see much of a difference in my hair-fall . 

This had happened during the time when you could see adds for Dove elixir oils every where, I decided to give it a try, even though I'm not a big fan of Dove hair product line. It was priced  at 180, so I didn't have to think twice before trying and I got the hair-fall rescue one (Rose petal and almond oil). 

The interesting thing about this oil was that I could see the ingredients in the bottle, the hair-fall rescue one had rose petals inside it, which I thought was really cool!. 

I apply it all over my hair, from roots to tips, an hour before shampooing it out. I could see the difference in my hair from the second wash., the amount of hair in my strainer was significantly lesser, it felt soft and nourished.  

The second product that saved my hair, was the shampoo I used. It was a solid shampoo from Lush called "Red" 
I dunno where to start with this product, this has literally changed my hair!!.. It has nettle and peppermint infusions, every bar is topped with a cinnamon stick and smells amazing, I don't need an air freshener when this is inside my bathroom :P

The best thing about almost all lush products is that it does exactly what it says, and this shampoo bar is especially for hair-fall. This was the first time I had used the solid shampoo, and I was really excited. I hate shampoos  that don't lather, and this one lathers up amazingly, and a little goes a long long way.. (up to 80 washes,  which is equivalent to 3 lush medium sized bottles) My bar lasted for almost 5-6 months. I use Lush Retread conditioner after I shampoo.  

You can check out more details of both these products here and here

I swear by this two, and use it religiously, my hair-fall has gone!!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this helps you if you have the same problem!. 

This is what I tried and worked for me, I would love to know what worked for you !