Knotty to Nice: Kerastase nectar thermique

This is my absolute favourite detangler and heat protectant in one. My hair tends to get very dry at the ends, though oily in the scalp. I use this after I towel dry my hair after a wash, as a leave in conditioner. It helps my comb glide through like a dream, thus reducing hair fall in the process, and locks in the moisture.

I usually let my hair air dry, but if I'm in the mood for a blow dry, I don't need any other heat protectant as this one does the job perfectly. It actually helps me blow dry better, because the hair becomes so smooth, it doesn't get tangled in the round brush.

I like to use it with the shampoo and conditioner from the same range.

It is priced at Rs.2800, and can be found in most L'Oreal Salons.

Have you ever tried this? What's your favourite leave-in conditioner? 
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Tried and tested :- Maybelline Hyper Sharp eye liner

Maybelline is hands down my favorite high street makeup brand. They bring out exceptionally good quality products and in such affordable pirces

I decided to go fancy with my eyeliner the other day, and the hyper sharp liner was my best friend.

I have so many nice things to say about this I just hope I dont end up rambling about it in the whole blog post. OK lets start with the best things first, it is quite highly pigmented, goes on very smoothly on your  eye lids without pulling on your skin. It doesn't leave a sheer black-ish line most cheap felt tip liners leave on your upper lid. It goes on pretty seamlessly and almost super black, I have seen liners that goes on much blacker than this one, but for 375/- I think it does the job

Look how sharp that tip is!  quite aptly named I must admit. Most felt tip liners that I have used before are either super flexible or too hard, this is just right, not to tight and not so bendy, therefore I don't end up having crazy eyeliner on me. Its like the perfect liner to use when you are in a hurry.   

Have you tried this?
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Smokey with a hint of Purple

I love smokey eyes, and I thought of brightening it up with a pop of colour. 

I started with the brown eye shadow, applied it all over my lids, followed by the black on my crease. I used a blending brush to blend everything together. For highlighting the inner corner I used a shimmering white eye shadow. Finished it up with a black eyeliner, and mascara.

For the pop of colour I used a bright purple underneath, which completed the look.

Products used:
Lakme Colour quartet in Moondust
Lakme Colour Quartet in Violet Oasis
Maybelline hyper sharp eye liner
Oriflame Giordani Gold Supreme length Mascara
Oriflame professional blending brush

Since the eye is on the heavy and dark side, I decided to go nude on my lips.

                                         Two of my favorite nude shades
Loreal Colour Riche 378 Velvet Rose

Faces Cafe Date 05

To finish up the look, I tied up my hair in a top knot.

I tied my hair in a ponytail, divided it into two equal halves, making two rope braids. and tied  them up together, securing the ends with bobby pins.
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My experience with Kaya

Some times you just wish if you could have flawless skin overnight, *sigh* but that never happens. Lately I have been breaking out like crazy, I don't know if its just my hormones, or the heat and humidity here, nonetheless I have tried EVERYTHING I can to get rid of my pimples .

I recently moved and there's Kaya skin clinic just next door, so I thought I would give it a try, and I did.

So the dermatologist said I needed 6  salicylic acid peel sessions, and they gave me 4 products with the package and I had to buy the serum.

I was glad that they were included as the package is little bit on the expensive side, but the weird part about all their product is that they don't have the ingredients mentioned in the packaging. 

Purifying cleanser: It has salicylic acid in it and does the job. My skin feels pretty clean after I wash with this, and doesn't leave it dry. It lathers up a little bit, and I use a pump and a half.

Purifying Toner:- It contains mandalic acid, and I'm not quite sure what that does, and its non alcoholic, so doesn't have that tingling sensation most toners have, which I actually like about a toner. I'm not a massive fan of  this one, but I'm trying to be consistent with the kaya routine.

Comedone Correcting serum:-  I'm not a fan of this one either, mostly because of the consistency of this product. I think its too watery to be considered as a serum. It is very difficult for me to apply this all over my face with the serum trickling down my palms through the gaps of my fingers *gross* and also leaves my skin feeling sticky. 

Blemish control Formula:- I'm still confused  if  I'm supposed to apply all over my face or just on my active pimples. I presume it contains tea tree oil, which is good for reducing redness and pimples, from the smell of it, as the packaging doesn't list the ingredient, so I have to rely on guesswork, . 

Daily use sunscreen:- I use this at the end, after all of the ones mentioned above, and only in the morning. It has SPF 15, which is OK. It isn't waterproof or sweat proof, which is really sad as the humidy and heat melts of everything off my face here in Bombay. Also, I kind of start sweating immediately after applying this, especially on my upper lip area, and I just can't understand why.

Sessions start with the dermatologist gently cleaning my skin, wiping away any dust or grime, then she applies the peel, which is essentially pure salicylic acid. Its called "peel" because salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant, removing all the dead skin cells. The peel was left on my face for 3 minutes in my first session, I had tingling sensation all over my face and I could feel a little burning on my active pimples, and itchiness on my upper lip area ( she did apply some vaseline on my sensitive areas such as the corners of my nose, eyes and lips). As the sessions increased, the peel was left on my face for longer duration. After the peel is neutralized using chilled water, she gives a cold compress using a chilled face towel, followed by a thick mud pack for 15 minutes.  

I just had my 4th peel session today ( sessions are 15 days apart), but I still have a lot of acne on my jawline area. The dermatologist said that her clients usually get a little bit of eruptions after the peel, because salicylic acid is a deep exfoliant, and it should subside by the next session. Keeping my fingers crossed and hopes high.

Have you ever undergone any peel sessions? I would love to know your experience with it! 
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