I went Shopping | L'Oreal Haul

I went shopping, yet again, and  guess what did I buy? Makeup!!.. It is a serious addiction, had originally went out to buy only an eyeliner, but I landed up buying a lot more than that :P

I have always wanted to own a L'Oreal quartet, they are really pigmented and blends perfectly. I picked up this one. I love neutral palettes, and this one had two matte shades, so I had to get it. I can already imagine wearing a dark sexy smokey eye using this. I always throw away the little sponge applicator out of all my quartets, just because they are more of a nuisance, but this one had an angled applicator, which was really cool, but I'm still not going to use it though.

 The wand of the volume million lash mascara was what grabbed my attention. It has rigid bristles that separated my lashes perfectly. It was easy to build up, and the packaging is made in such a way that the excess mascara is removed when you take the wand out of the tube, so that you don't end up with spider lashes. I haven't used it that much to have a full review (will do that once I use this more).

This is what I am most excited to use, I have heard so much about them, read so many blogs on them, about how long lasting and glossy they are, and apparently dupe to the infamous YSL glossy stains, I have never used or owned one so I wouldn't know. Anyways!! The packaging is so luxurious, I asked my mom to guess how much they would be for, looking at the packaging, and she said it looked expensive, around 1200-1500/- and was pleasantly surprised when she found out it was just for 499. I am definitely gifting her one of this. The applicator is a cute doe shaped one which applies the gloss quite evenly. I haven't worn the gloss for one whole day so can't judge on the staying power on this one. I might be do a mini review on my instagram, so make sure you follow me there.

Have you tried any of these ?
What's your favourite L'Oreal product?


  1. Ooh this all looks so nice! That's why I avoid makeup counters unless I really want something because I end up buying things I don't need + won't like. Case in point, Revlon lip butters. I bought 3 & hated them all, pretty much. I haven't bought anything much from L'Oreal as Maybelline usually has similar things, but I have the 'HydraFresh' foaming face wash that I use whenever I have makeup, does a very good job. You're right, everything looks really luxurious. I look forward to full reviews :)

    1. Ya!! I know the feeling, happens to me all the time :P I have used the L'Oreal 360 clean face wash, and hated it. But I really liked the revlon Lip butters, I had one called cherry tart, that was the first lipstick that I ever used up. I really enjoyed using it. Oh and speaking of things I loved using, you must try the L'Oreal Superliners, they are so good, especially the black lacquer one.

      I am planning on doing a full review on them in a video, so that I can show a demo of them as well. Oh and the mineral foundation review I'm planning to do once my RT brush reaches. :)

  2. Omg amazing stuff you got love!! I am eager to see the reviews!! All the stuff is drool worthy..love love love everything <3

    1. I'm glad you liked it!!. Yes I have used them all now, and reviews are coming up this week, so come back for that. I love everything too!! Have you used any of the items I have mentioned above?