Review: Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste

Ayurveda has really fascinated me from a long time, since the time I was studying botany in college, hence, finding a brand that exclusively sold ayurvedic (organic) beauty products really got me excited to check them out. 

Forest essentials is intrinsically a luxury brand, as their tag line states clearly "Luxurious Ayurveda"  and the prices tend to be on the higher end. What really attracted me to them, aside from their products, is how beautifully each and every one of their store is designed, it just catches your attention; the wooden accents, the gold theme, the fragrance,  even their wash basin looked as if it was brought straight down from a palace in Udaipur, walking into the store instantly makes you feel like a princess.

This was my first purchase from them and I bought the Rupam body cleansing paste. It is a rich body scrub, made out of pistachio, orange peel and jaggery (molasses). I tried out two more of their scrubs, one was made up of sea salt which felt a little harsh on me, and the other was turmeric and honey. I was aware that sugar and sea salt are used as scrubs, but never knew jaggery could be used too.

The body scrub comes in a hard card box, and in a really fancy tub.

It is a rich blend of pistachios, orange peel and jaggery with essential oils. The oil seperates from the paste, so before using I had to mix up the product. The texture is perfect, neither to gritty to the point where you feel you are rubbing gravel against your skin, nor too smooth. It is gentle and yet effective in removing all dead skin leaving skin really soft and moisturized.

Usually when I scrub my body, I need to run straight towards my body butter because my skin starts to pull, but with this body polish my skin felt hydrated and moisturized.

You need to apply it on damp skin, as you begin rubbing it turns into a milk like consistency, rub it until you feel the jaggery melting on your skin.

The best thing about this is the smell. I am really terrible at explaining scents but I'll try. Have you ever crossed a spa at a mall and wondered what is that amazing smell and how the hell can something linger so far off? This will make your bathroom (read house) smell like a high end spa, and linger on your skin for the longest time.

 This was priced at 1,975/- for 200gm, which is expensive, but I thought it was justified because of  all the exotic ingredients used to make it, well jaggery isn't that exotic but the nuts and the essential oil are. That just reminded me that one of their anti aging serum is made up of 24 karat gold.

 I intend to use this in my weekend pamper sessions.

 The only thing concerning me is that according to the packaging , and the sales guy also suggested the same, you need to use up polish within 3 months after its opened. It is concerning because I'm not sure I can finish this up within 3 months. I use it twice a week, and need only a little bit for my entire body. I don't want something so expensive and amazing to rot in my shower rack. The solution I found for this is to share it with my mum, so we finish it. I usually tend to hoard my expensive products, you know save it for a special occasion, but that is going to change!

Have you ever tried anything from Forest essentials?
Do you have a weekend pamper routine, if so, what are your favourite products ?

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  1. I haven't tried anything from Forest essentials. This looks like a really interesting product.

    Ray | Obey Ray