First Impressions | Maybelline Lip Polish

The new lip gloss in town; Maybelline Lip Polish. This was launched some time ago in the states and U.K, but was launched in India recently. 

I have read a lot of reviews on these lip polishes, which are called Lip Elixirs there if I'm not wrong, on some of my favourite blogs, so was really excited to try it. Click here to read Estee's Review 

I got the colour 266. I am a little disappointed that they have numbers instead of cute names, I love cute names on lipsticks and nail polishes, it gives them their own personality if you know what I mean. The one I chose is a light pink, almost Coral .

The consistency is a little thick, but very smooth. When I was testing it at the counter the application wasn't very even. I was little unsure so I asked the SA if this was only happening because of the tester, and she said that it would apply evenly on my lips, but I just can't apply it evenly, it always is very streaky and patchy, so the lip polish ends up in the corners of my lips and there's hardly anything in between, am I applying it wrong? I really want to love it. Is it the applicator?  It is a spade shaped one, with a sharp tip for precise application.

The colour payoff is quite decent, it isn't THAT pigmented, but better than most glosses which end up little lighter than their original shade.

The lip polish isn't long lasting, so if you are looking for something shiny that last long, this isn't the one for you.

The things that I liked about these are that they are thick but not heavy on the lips, smooth and non-sticky ( so you don't have hair sticking on your lips *yuck* ) , and the packaging which is in a shape of a lipstick, how cute is that? 

Sometimes, I don't like certain products when I first buy them, but some of them just grows on me and I end up loving them so much. I want to give the lip polish a little time, wait and watch it if it grows on me. I really hope I do.

Have you tried the new Lip Polish?



  1. look nice ! thanks for the follow dear ! i am following you back :) xx

  2. Ermahgosh I love that color!!!! Putting it on my LONGGG list of lemmings

  3. I like thicker lip glosses too, I think I'd like this one :D

  4. I love the colour of this, but I've read a couple of reviews like yours where people have said they can't get the gloss to apply evenly x

    1. I'm not the only one then!!.. Have you tried it too?