Mani-Monday | Maybelline ColorShow Swatches

I only picked up so many at once because of the price, which was only Rs 66 from the Beauty Center at Khar Road. I have been hearing great things about the Maybelline Color Show range, and I needed some office-friendly nail polishes.  (thus the three neutral shades) These are the ones I picked up:

Nude Skin: This is the perfect nail color for those "I don't know which color I should wear today" days. It looks like I am wearing nothing on my nails but also looks neat, clean and polished.  

Crazy Berry: I love dark plumy colors which almost looks black when you first see it, but then you look closely its actually a dark berry shade. I think shade will suit everyone irrespective of skin tones.

Midnight Taupe: There is something about the color taupe that attracts me towards it every time, I just can't resist buying anything that says "Taupe" (mac satin taupe is one of my favorite eye shadows). As I mentioned earlier I needed office friendly colors, this one was right up my alley.

Velvet Wine:  It is pink and has glitters, need I say more?

Hooked-on-Pink: I think the name is apt, and I just realized I have a similar shade from colorbar which I reviewed here. This one is my favorite from the lot, the perfect pick me up color. Since summer is already here in Bombay, and I have started wearing my sandals again, I can safely say this will be on my toe nails all summer long.

I think the Maybelline Colorshow range has really good quality nail polishes, for the price that you pay. It is really pigmented, applies evenly, dries fairly quickly, doesn't chip easily, and comes in a lot of different colors to choose from. What else could you expect from a nailpolish worth only 66 bucks? It is priced at Rs 80, but you can get it at Rs 66 at the beauty centre in Khar road.

P.s.: I am so bummed velvet wine tilted a little, or else this would have been a perfectly symmetrical picture. This is the control freak inside me speaking, you can ignore this if you like. And I secretly wish my profession was a nail polish namer, I would love my job.

Which one do you like the most? What's your favorite Colorshow color?