Oh so Lush...

Is just me or is Lush vanishing away form India one store at a time?

Throw back Instagram picture . 
Lets Talk about two of my favourite Lush Face products.

Please don't judge me for the dust embedded lid, its just well loved.
This one does exactly what it says on the lid, softly scrubs your skin & magics away blemishes. Never in a million years, I could have imagined anything that was written on the cover of a product would literally happen, but lush products does exactly what it says. At least the ones that I have tried. OK so if you have been following me for sometime now, you might know that I am very prone to acne, and my face seems to gift me with a new pimple every other day. So here it is, another soldier from the acne fighting army, the herbalism facial cleanser.
I hate non frothy anything; if it doesn't lather I will hate it. But this one opened my mind, and made me realise that lather isn't the only thing that can get rid of the grease from my face. It looks kinda scary/gross at first, like dried-granulated green moss. But don't go by it's appearance, because it works wonders. You need to take a pea sized amount, and mix in few drops of water and make it into a paste ( wet-gooey green moss :P ) and spread in into your damp face (not wet), gently scrub for a minute or two, then rinse it all off. Do not pick the cleanser off the tub with wet hands, you will contaminate it, its like paradise for fungus, trust me I have learned it the hard way.
The almond granules in it gently scrubs away those hard, gritty, white dead skin mixed with dried blood that is left behind by a dried acne ( this is getting gory) efficiently, without irritating your skin. The Rice bran and Kaolin in it, soaks in all the excess oil and mattifies your face . It has other ingredients like rose oil which helps in hydrating your skin, so your skin doesn't feel stripped off once you dry it off with a towel. The green colour comes from Chlorophyll extracts. Does it remove makeup? No, its not a makeup remover, its for cleaning your face/skin after you remove your makeup.
It has helped my sensitive skin calm down a lot, and also made it smoother because of the exfoliation. I have noticed my skin become clearer, and the acne scars lightening.

Grease Lightening

I follow up my cleansing with a moisturiser, and then straight to spot treatment gel. I use this at night, because it can have that PVA glue effect ( glue drying and peeling off like skin ) which isn't a look that you would want to have in the daytime. It dries up hard, so you feel like you have botox face, that's why you need to apply it just where the pimple is (or the active volcano as I like to call it). I wouldn't say this works like magic, don't expect your volcano to vanish in one night, it will shrink it down, and with continued use, that's like 2-3 nights, it will eventually kill it. It has a lot of ingredients, known to fight off acne very effectively, all mixed to make a potent pimple killer.
I have used my fair share of spot treatments and this is the one that I have stuck to.

What's your favourite lush cleanser?