MANICURE MONDAY | Blueberry ICE by MAybelline Color Show

Maybelline Color Show in Blueberry Ice
Maybelline Color Show in Blueberry Ice just scratched an itch I was having for a long long time. The itch for owning a soft, icy baby blue nailpolish colour just like Essie's Bikini so teeny . I know they aren't that similar, but it's close.

 I always thought blue and yellow are very difficult colours to wear on your nails, and can be very unflattering, but I am a changed person now. Not sure about yellow yet, but I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOUR.

What is your favourite Maybelline Color Show nail polish shade?
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Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel, Oriflame Optimals White Balancing & Purifying Toner, Rs 499 each.
Oriflame Royal Velvet Firming Dat Cream, and Repairing Night Cream, Rs 1299, Rs 1399
Ecollagen [3D+] Anti Wrinkle Face Mask, Energising Cocktail, and Eye Cream. Rs 990, Rs 1590, Rs 749.
Oriflame Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash, Rs 349.
Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow, Rs 549.
Mother's Day is right around the corner ( 11th May in India), and if you have yet to pick up something to gift your mother, then maybe this will inspire/help you.  I wanted to gift her beauty products because she is so reluctant to spend on skin care products for herself and would insist that I get something for myself instead of spending so much on her.

Gift things which you are sure is safe and wont cause any irritation. It is better to stick with brands your mom is familiar with, in case she doesn't like experimenting. My mom enjoys using oriflame products and dosn't like experimenting at all, that's why I took no chance.

Optimals White Foaming Gel And Toner(s):- A mild, gentle, and efficient cleansing gel that cleanses skin perfectly without making your skin left feeling dry and streched. The toners are my mom's absolute favourites, and she swears by it. In case you missed it, I talked about it in my empty products video. Optimals toners are a great step before moisturizing because it removes the extra makeup, grime etc still left on your face after cleansing. It is also great to clean those hard to reach places that don't get washed easily like behind the ears, and the back of your neck. It doesn't sting, or irritate your skin and has a refreshing fragrance. I bought two, the blue one is the balancing toner which is for normal skin, and the green purifying toner for oily to combination skin, which is for me (I deserve a gift too). The optimals range also claims to whiten skin tone, which I am not so sure about, neither do I find it a necessity. My mom is 3-4 shades darker than me, and I love her complexion. Rs 499 each.

Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream and Repairing Night Cream :- The cream contains Black Iris infusion which claims to refine your skin to reveal youthful radiance. My mom has used the Firming day cream, but the night cream will be new to hew regime. She enjoyed using the day cream, and told me her skin felt better, looked radiant, and few dark spots under her eyes had seemed to fade away. It also has an SPF of 15. Since she enjoyed using the day cream, I hope the night cream helps her too. This cream is suited for mature & dry skin, 40+. Rs 1200, Rs 1300.

 ECOLLAGEN [3D+] :- Oh the fancy names! It claims to work on 3 dimensions of your skin i.e. the length, width, and depth. This will be another new edition to mom's beauty regime. I bought three things from this range; Intensive Anti Wrinkle Face Mask, Energizing Cocktail (Serum), and Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. This is suitable for all skin types, and for the age group of 35 and above. I bought this because of their ingredients, which are a combination of chemical exfoliants Salycylic, Glycolic and Lactic acid with Tri Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic Acid. I hope they work well together, the concoction seems very promising in writing. Rs 990, Rs 1590, Rs 749.

Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash :- A cult oriflame product. This is the first I had heard of an intimate wash when I was first introduced to oriflame 5 years ago, and was very intrigued. This does exactly what it says, and great for maintaining personal hygiene. Rs 349.

Studio Artist Cream Blush in Peach Glow :- I did a full review on this blush few days ago. Click here to read the review. 

What are you planning to gift your mother this mother's day? Share your ideas with me..

P.S: I also bought the overnight foot treatment cream, Rs 299, but forgot to take a picture. It is amazing!. I gave my self a pedicure and couldn't help myself but use it. It made my feet so smooth, I will do a full blog post on it soon. Maybe a before and after picture? We will see ;)
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How To apply Eye Shadow Without Brushes

I filmed a quick tutorial on how to use your fingers instead of brushes to apply your eye shadow and blend it seamlessly. I prefer using my fingers over brushes, usually when  I am running late, or I am too lazy to wash my dirty brushes. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, the key is to BLEND BLEND & BLEND. Always keep one finger free from eyeshadow to blend everything together at the end. I hope you enjoy the video. In case you have any doubts on any steps, please leave it down in the comment section below.

Products Used in Order:-

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Bourjois Smoky Eye Trio in Nude Inguene
Maxfactor Liquid Effect Kohl
Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Happy Watching!!..
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 I adore Lisa Eldridge, she is my favourite MUA, and she inspires me a lot. Recently in one of her FB post, she shared an editorial shot with a dramatic eyeliner, and a tiny heart shaped mole. Here is the link to the picture she posted >>

A lot of her fans, including myself, requested that she do a makeup tutorial on the look and she very kindly obliged. I love playing with makeup and I feel liners are something that I really need to practise on, so I went ahead and tried it. This is way out of my comfort zone, but I need to get out of it or else I will never grow. I hope you like it.

Here is the tutorial, in case you want to try it out too.

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Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Rs 900

I bought this in a whim, I needed something to add some body, volume and texture to my hair, and this seemed like the best option; also this has a very pretty packaging and smells REALLY nice.

To keep my hair from tangling and thereby leading to hair fall, I tie my hair into a braid and sleep. So every morning I have organic curls/waves left behind by the braid, which looks amazing as soon as I untie, perfect waves from ear and below, and then as soon as I run my fingers or gently brush through it, my hair turns into a frizz ball. UGH!!.. So I wanted something that held and enhanced my waves.

Now, I spritz out few pumps of the texturising spray after I untie my braid and scrunch my hair up a few times. I am not sure if that's the right way, but it works wonderfully on me. The sea salt in it aids in holding the waves, and texturises it so that you have this amazing beachy/bohemian waves.

Alternatively, you can spray this on your damp hair, turn your head upside down, and blow dry with a difuser. You will end up with cray-z volume and neat curls, which will stay all day.

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Rs 900

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Look of the Day | Summer Edition

If you follow me on instagram, you might know that I occasionally like to share my look of the day, but never shared one on my blog. So for all my blog readers who aren't following me on instagram yet, here is the look from yesterday. I kept it very simple, light, fresh & summery.

The Breakdown;

Face:- I kept it light, but still with a little bit of coverage by using my Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect CC cream, with a light dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder on my T-zone to keep the shine at bay. To add colour back to my cheeks I used the Maybelline Cheeky glow blush in Fresh Coral.

Eyes:- A dash of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl in Bronze smudged along my upper and lower lash line, highlighted the inner corner with the lightest shade from Loreal's Smokey eye quart Maron Glace and topped it off with generous coating of my favourite, Maybelline The Falsies mascara.

Lips:-  Chambor Powder Matte lipstick in Sugar Pink.

Follow me on Instagram; @debasreee
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The Double Wing

 photo picasioncom_7fedddfa19e3921710ea589c36570152_zpsdcdadf5c.gif

I was playing around with my new Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in White, and decided I would do a look with it.

I had a business card nearby, so I decided to draw a long straight line from my lower lash line towards the end of my eyebrows using the card as a scale. I drew a triangle joining the line I just drew with my upper lash line.

For the inner corner, I used the same method of drawing a smaller triangle, this time without the business card. I added another dash of thin black liner slightly below the first wing. To emphasize the double wing I ran my white liner in between the two lines, and waterline and finished it all off with two coats of Maybelline Collosal mascara.

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Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow

Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow, 20ml for Rs 549/-
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I went Shopping | Jewelry Haul

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Summer Sandals | Straps, Spikes and More

Pavers England Gold T Strap Sandals

Forever 21 Bejeweled T Strap Sandals

Steve Madden Gold Spike Jelly Bean Sandal

Come Summer, and it's time to expose our bright pedicures with some cute, strappy sandals.  I love me some T strap sandals for the summer, as you can probably make out from the pictures, and these are my Top 3 most worn pairs.

Pavers England Gold T Strap Sandals: This is the comfiest flat ever, there's this cushion support thing on the place where your heels rest on and it is So comfortable. I got them last summer, wore them A lot, and it is still going strong. I love the gold detail on it, and the white criss cross straps gors perfectly with it. This was priced at Rs 1190/-

Forever 21 Bejeweled T Strap Sandals: As soon as I laid eyes on it, I just knew this was coming home with me. I have been eyeing this sorta sandals at Accesorize and Forever New for a long long time, but never bought one because of the hefty price tag, almost  Rs 5000-7000. Whew! that's a lot for a pair of sandals for me. But then I laid my eyes on this one at Forever 21 and they had my size, and I rushed to the counter and got them. This one has a hard wooden sole, which isn't the most comfiest. If you walk on them the entire day your feet, especially the part below your toes, will start to hurt. But I was okay with that because of how beautiful it looks on my feet. The perfect sandals for a warm summer evening. This was priced at Rs 1290.

Steve Madden Gold Spike Jelly Beans: Oh wow this beauty sure turns some head whenever I wear them out and it has seen some better days because I have worn them to death ( literally, I had to stitch the back because it came off) The gold spikes are so sharp, haha it is crazy. Let me tell you a small story here, I had left this in the corner of my room just below the light switches,  my brother had to go get something and the lights were off, he didn't realize I left my sandals down there and accidentally stepped on them. He bruised his sole, and it was almost bleeding!! :'( I felt so bad!!.. But yeah, that's how sharp they are. This is the Steve madden Jelly bean Sandal which means it is made out of rubber, hence waterproof. That's why I pull this out of my shelf when it's late summer, almost rainy season because it is perfect for that time. This was priced at Rs 2895.

What is your summer footwear favourite?? Share with me the in comments section below!!.. 
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Empty Products # 1

The Body Shop Strawberry and Olive Shower Gel, The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter & Scrub

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Easy DIY Anti-Acne Face Mask

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Get Fit With Me | 30DayShred Jillian Michaels

If you follow me on my facebook or instagram, then you will know that I am doing the 30 Day Shred challenge along with a Youtuber Melanie Murphy. It is so much better to work out together with someone who motivates you every day. If you have been procrastinating to exercise like I was, you can join in with us, and we can do it together.

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How to do Manicure at Home...

I love turquoise and orange together, and I have done a similar post when I first started blogging, which you can read by clicking >> here.  These are the steps I follow when I am doing my nails at home, to keep them healthy and neat. Although, I love getting my nails done at the salon, it can be an unnecessary expense sometime, so instead you can follow these steps and do them at home, and save that money (and buy a new nail polish instead).

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Want soft hair?!!..

Morrocan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have had only good hair days ever since I started using the Morrocan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am a massive fan of the Morrocan Oil ( read the review here) and when I found these I was so excited to try them. I had high expectations on it and I am glad it delivered.

I noticed a mild hair fall in the first wash, but nothing major or scary, the shampoo lathered up very nicely and removed all the gunk and grease off my scalp without causing any irritation. The conditioner is very thick and doesn't get diluted when applied to wet hair post shampooing. It stays on thick and locks in the moisture leaving my hair very smooth and silky after I rinse it out. I follow up the wash with my Morrocan oil as a leave in conditioner.

After multiple washes I have noticed that the texture/quality of my hair has improved and it is no longer as frizzy it used to be. Once my hair is dry, it is still very soft and most importantly very manageable. If you don't have very dry hair then you might find moroccan oil products to be on the heavier side, and it might weigh your hair down, but I have extremely dry ends so it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. It makes my comb ( or flat iron ) glide through my hair very smoothly.

I love the fragrance of the morrocan oil range, and the scent lingers on my hair after I use these three products.

It is priced at Rs 1260/- each for 250ml and available at all leading Salons.

What are your thoughts on Morrocan Oil?  Have you used it?

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Monthly Favourites | March 2014

A new month and a new monthly favourites video!!.. Sit tight and enjoy the video, and don't forget to share your favourites with me in the comment section below.. 

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