Easy DIY Anti-Acne Face Mask

I look great, right? JK. To make it, add 1 teaspoon each of Sandalwood Powder, Fuller's Earth (Multani) & Turmeric powder, and mix it all together with Rose water. You can also add a dash of honey if you like, I didn't because honey makes my face itchy. This mask is essentially for really oily skin, for normal to combination skin add some yogurt, and for dry skin add some olive oil into the mixture.

Apply a thin layer all over your face after cleansing, which feels really cooling and tingly, and leave it on for as long as it takes for it to dry completely. The mask hardens slowly and dries in patches, you can see a wet patch under my left eye. Once the mask dries, you can see the problem areas on your skin, which for me are the large open pores on my nose, cheeks, and forehead. You can also use this as an acne spot treatment if you fancy.

Once you wash this off, your skin will feel deeply cleansed, refreshed and a little bit dehydrated which goes away once you moisturise. I like to follow this up with my new favourite La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

Okay, your skin will most definitely look yellow after you apply this mask. To get rid of the yellow stain, you can either scrub it off using sugar and water or use a good toner to sweep it off your face.

Turmeric has long been associated with curing acne & acne scarring if used consistently, fuller's earth aids in deeply cleansing the skin, and sandalwood is great for soaking up excess oil. All together they make up an amazing concoction for fighting acne. Use it thrice a week if you have really bad acne, or once a week to deeply cleanse your skin.

What's your favourite at home remedy for acne?