Get Fit With Me | 30DayShred Jillian Michaels

If you follow me on my facebook or instagram, then you will know that I am doing the 30 Day Shred challenge along with a Youtuber Melanie Murphy. It is so much better to work out together with someone who motivates you every day. If you have been procrastinating to exercise like I was, you can join in with us, and we can do it together.

30 Day Shred is an amazing DVD by Jillian Michaels which is divided into three levels of difficulty for 10 days each. The levels are 20 minutes long, excluding the warm up and cool down. Each work out is divided into 3 parts: 3 minute strength, 2 minute cardio and 1 minute abs. She combines cardio with strength training for the ultimate calorie burning. According to Jillian muscles gets accustomed to repetitive exercises very quickly, and this workout uses muscle confusion to tone and slim body. The best part is you can get the whole DVD for free on YouTube. I like to view it on my TV rather than watching it on my laptop, its so much better to watch it on a bigger screen. If your TV doesn't support Youtube, invest in a HDMI cable to connect the laptop to your TV.

I have been posting my updates on how it's been going on my Facebook, and today was my 4th day on level two. Even though its only 20 minutes, you can feel your heart gurgling on your throat at the end, drenched in sweat.

I like to wear cloths that are well fitted, and still show a lit bit of skin near the stomach and arms to keep me motivated, ill fitting cloths tempts me to cut my work out short. That's why leggings and crop tops are my favourite. Forever 21 has a really good active wear line, and I bought a black leggings and few crop tops for this challenge.

Work out wear
I know this might sound vain, but somehow buying work out cloths really motivates me to exercise more often, and buying workout clothes from brands Nike and adidas can get really expensive and be of total waste if you aren't consistent.
My workout shoes are my Nike Free run 5.0 which I got last year, and these are the most comfiest shoes ever. Seriously, its like you are running on clouds

Some of my work out essentials are my 2 kg weights, my running shoes, a yoga mat, towel and a water bottle. If you don't have weights you can use things like milk/juice cartons, filled water bottles, or you can even exercise without them, it's not mandatory.

I have been trying to eat healthy while I am on this challenge. I can never follow any diet to the T, that's why I haven't even looked up to the diet plan that Jillian has provided on her website. I have made sure that I don't skip my breakfast by any means. On days that I have time, I like to toast few slices of whole wheat bread & eat them with scrambled eggs, and on most days I like to have Kellogs Muesli with chilled milk. I eat really small portions at a time, and increase the amount of time I eat, so instead of 3 meals I like to make it 4-5. For evening snacks I like to nibble on dry fruits or fresh fruits. Most importantly, I have increased my water intake to at least 4-5 litres a day, to help me stay hydrated.

Just as a disclaimer, I am not doing this to loose weight by any means, I just want to be healthy, fit and toned. I have not cut down eating, well except junk food, and eat as much as I want as long as it's healthy.

I am not the most consistent person, but I am trying to do it every day and so far I have been going good. If you have problem being consistent just look for things that motivate you. Instead of thinking about the end results, think about how you felt post work out that day and decide you will do the same next day too. I just love that feeling of accomplishment once I am done with my work out, all drenched in sweat. Oh! and I also love looking at health/fitness Instagram pages to keep me motivated.

Will you join me in the 30 day challenge?!..