How to do Manicure at Home...

I love turquoise and orange together, and I have done a similar post when I first started blogging, which you can read by clicking >> here.  These are the steps I follow when I am doing my nails at home, to keep them healthy and neat. Although, I love getting my nails done at the salon, it can be an unnecessary expense sometime, so instead you can follow these steps and do them at home, and save that money (and buy a new nail polish instead).

Things you will need: 
A bowl of Luke warm water
Cleansing brush,
Nail File,
Cuticle pusher,
Nail Polish remover & Cotton balls,
Vaseline & Q-tips,
Base and Top Coat
Nail Polish of your choice,
Hand towel

Base Coat:- Rimmel Stonger nails, Top Coat:- Sally Hansen Hard as nails hardener, Nail Polish:- Rimmel I <3 Lasting colour in Misty jade and Hot & Spicy, Colorbar Gitteratti in Silver. 
Before we get started play your favourite songs, to keep you going. I am currently obsessed with anything Bastille. 

Remove your nail polish with the nail polish remover using a cotton ball. (don't follow me here and please use an acetone free nail polish remover, it's better for your nails)  Keep the cotton ball on your nails for 10 seconds, and then glide the cotton downwards to wipe off all the nail paint at once.

Buff your nails using a good quality nail file, a hard one will damage your nails and make them brittle, going in one direction and not back and forth. File your nails when its dry and not after they are soaked.

Before you dip your fingers protect your cuticles with Vaseline, use a Q-tip to easily spread it on your cuticles.

Make sure the water is luke warm and not boiling, add few drops of olive oil & shampoo, and soak your fingers for 5-10 minutes.

Use your cleansing brush in a circular motion to gently scrub away dead skin and dirt under your nails.

Push your cuticles back very gently, I don't like cutting my cuticles but if you prefer that go ahead and do that now. I used to skip this step but now that I do it, my nails look very uniform after this, and seem to grow faster. I prefer using a foam cuticle pusher over the steel one because they are very abrasive on my nails. If you have brittle nails then I would suggest you use a foam one.

The other end of my cuticle has this hook sort of thing which I use to remove any grime sneakily  hiding under my nail.

Yes I am screaming, because I want this to be imprinted in your mind. Don't skip this step, it will protect your nails and prevent staining. 

Apply two coats of your nail polish, or more coats until the nail polish is opaque. Always use thin layers, and you can ensure a thin layer by removing the excess nail polish from your brush on one side, flipping it over and gently touching the brush on the neck of the bottle to remove the excess blurb that's there on the tip. This way you will have the perfect amount for an even, thin layer.

I am using the Sally Hansen hard as nails Hardener as a top coat. I think it is supposed to be used as a base coat, but I prefer it as a top coat. It literally hardens my nails, and makes my nail polish last without chipping for 3-4 days, and the best part it dries in seconds!!.. 

 Here is the finished look.

Wait for a good 15-20 minutes before you start using your hands again, I have learned it the hard way. Every time I get my nails done at the salon I spoil my nail polish while taking out my card from my wallet, and I hate it when that happens. Once you are sure it has dried, use a moisturising/nourishing hand cream to lock in all the goodness. One of my favourite hand creams is the Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners hand therapy, which is freaking amazing for dry and rough hands. It will literally transform your hands. I'll insert an old pic of the tube for you to see, and co-incidentally I'm wearing the same nail polish in that picture. 

I hope you found this tutorial useful, and if you give it a try then share it with me on twitter, facebook or instagram. If you have any additional steps in your 'at home' manicure routine please share it with me in the comments below. 

I personally love getting pampered at the salon, but I leave that only for special occasions. When I am home, I like to pamper myself, and I love the feeling of fresh & crisp nail polish on my nails. I like to do this while catching up on my youtube subscription or watching my favourite shows, speaking of which, have you guys watched Game of thrones Season 4 Ep 1? I was so excited I couldn't breathe. What was your favourite moment? I cant wait for the purple wedding ;) 

Do you like doing your nails at home or do you prefer the salon?!