Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel, Oriflame Optimals White Balancing & Purifying Toner, Rs 499 each.
Oriflame Royal Velvet Firming Dat Cream, and Repairing Night Cream, Rs 1299, Rs 1399
Ecollagen [3D+] Anti Wrinkle Face Mask, Energising Cocktail, and Eye Cream. Rs 990, Rs 1590, Rs 749.
Oriflame Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash, Rs 349.
Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow, Rs 549.
Mother's Day is right around the corner ( 11th May in India), and if you have yet to pick up something to gift your mother, then maybe this will inspire/help you.  I wanted to gift her beauty products because she is so reluctant to spend on skin care products for herself and would insist that I get something for myself instead of spending so much on her.

Gift things which you are sure is safe and wont cause any irritation. It is better to stick with brands your mom is familiar with, in case she doesn't like experimenting. My mom enjoys using oriflame products and dosn't like experimenting at all, that's why I took no chance.

Optimals White Foaming Gel And Toner(s):- A mild, gentle, and efficient cleansing gel that cleanses skin perfectly without making your skin left feeling dry and streched. The toners are my mom's absolute favourites, and she swears by it. In case you missed it, I talked about it in my empty products video. Optimals toners are a great step before moisturizing because it removes the extra makeup, grime etc still left on your face after cleansing. It is also great to clean those hard to reach places that don't get washed easily like behind the ears, and the back of your neck. It doesn't sting, or irritate your skin and has a refreshing fragrance. I bought two, the blue one is the balancing toner which is for normal skin, and the green purifying toner for oily to combination skin, which is for me (I deserve a gift too). The optimals range also claims to whiten skin tone, which I am not so sure about, neither do I find it a necessity. My mom is 3-4 shades darker than me, and I love her complexion. Rs 499 each.

Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream and Repairing Night Cream :- The cream contains Black Iris infusion which claims to refine your skin to reveal youthful radiance. My mom has used the Firming day cream, but the night cream will be new to hew regime. She enjoyed using the day cream, and told me her skin felt better, looked radiant, and few dark spots under her eyes had seemed to fade away. It also has an SPF of 15. Since she enjoyed using the day cream, I hope the night cream helps her too. This cream is suited for mature & dry skin, 40+. Rs 1200, Rs 1300.

 ECOLLAGEN [3D+] :- Oh the fancy names! It claims to work on 3 dimensions of your skin i.e. the length, width, and depth. This will be another new edition to mom's beauty regime. I bought three things from this range; Intensive Anti Wrinkle Face Mask, Energizing Cocktail (Serum), and Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. This is suitable for all skin types, and for the age group of 35 and above. I bought this because of their ingredients, which are a combination of chemical exfoliants Salycylic, Glycolic and Lactic acid with Tri Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic Acid. I hope they work well together, the concoction seems very promising in writing. Rs 990, Rs 1590, Rs 749.

Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash :- A cult oriflame product. This is the first I had heard of an intimate wash when I was first introduced to oriflame 5 years ago, and was very intrigued. This does exactly what it says, and great for maintaining personal hygiene. Rs 349.

Studio Artist Cream Blush in Peach Glow :- I did a full review on this blush few days ago. Click here to read the review. 

What are you planning to gift your mother this mother's day? Share your ideas with me..

P.S: I also bought the overnight foot treatment cream, Rs 299, but forgot to take a picture. It is amazing!. I gave my self a pedicure and couldn't help myself but use it. It made my feet so smooth, I will do a full blog post on it soon. Maybe a before and after picture? We will see ;)