Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow

Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow, 20ml for Rs 549/-

Few months ago there was a huge wave around the beauty blogosphere about the new Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush. I finally craved in and treated myself with a new blush, and I was astound. Like they say, good things come in small packages..

Speaking about the packaging, it is tiny! Don't let the catalogue fool you. Nonetheless, it contains 20ml of blush which is enough to sustain you a lifetime (well not a lifetime, but you know what I mean). I got the shade pink glow, that's what I thought would suit my skin tone the best. There are three colours in the range; Sheer Berry: looked too dark for me, Soft Peach: looked too light.

Don't be daunted when you first squirt the blush out, to be completely honest I was a little alarmed myself but then I gave it a few good pats using two fingers and it blended like a breeze into subtle nothingness. It made my cheeks look like I just ran 1 km, like my cheeks flushed with blood from within. I was also intimidated because I thought the dots of the blush squirted out would leave back round patches, which would be darker than rest of the area and I had to race against the blush drying. But!! It wasn't like that at all. To test it out, I let my blush sit on my hands for 30 seconds before I tried to blend it, but it still went on patch less.

You will need a tiny amount on each cheeks; I like 3 dots on each side, blended in with my fingers or a stippling brush to blend out the edges. I tried to take a 100 pictures to show you how it actually looked but this is the best I could do, it is hard to take a good selfie with a DSLR without a flip screen, but I hope you can make out from the swatch above.

Since the blush stains your cheeks, it stays put for a long time. You can see a little bit of wear by the end of the day, but this little baby is small enough for you to carry around with you in your purse, so there's nothing to worry.

I would highly recommend this blush for you if you are in the look for a very natural, subtle blush that you could wear almost every day. Perfect for a beginner's kit.

If you have already tried this, please let me know if the feeling is mutual ;)