Summer Sandals | Straps, Spikes and More

Pavers England Gold T Strap Sandals

Forever 21 Bejeweled T Strap Sandals

Steve Madden Gold Spike Jelly Bean Sandal

Come Summer, and it's time to expose our bright pedicures with some cute, strappy sandals.  I love me some T strap sandals for the summer, as you can probably make out from the pictures, and these are my Top 3 most worn pairs.

Pavers England Gold T Strap Sandals: This is the comfiest flat ever, there's this cushion support thing on the place where your heels rest on and it is So comfortable. I got them last summer, wore them A lot, and it is still going strong. I love the gold detail on it, and the white criss cross straps gors perfectly with it. This was priced at Rs 1190/-

Forever 21 Bejeweled T Strap Sandals: As soon as I laid eyes on it, I just knew this was coming home with me. I have been eyeing this sorta sandals at Accesorize and Forever New for a long long time, but never bought one because of the hefty price tag, almost  Rs 5000-7000. Whew! that's a lot for a pair of sandals for me. But then I laid my eyes on this one at Forever 21 and they had my size, and I rushed to the counter and got them. This one has a hard wooden sole, which isn't the most comfiest. If you walk on them the entire day your feet, especially the part below your toes, will start to hurt. But I was okay with that because of how beautiful it looks on my feet. The perfect sandals for a warm summer evening. This was priced at Rs 1290.

Steve Madden Gold Spike Jelly Beans: Oh wow this beauty sure turns some head whenever I wear them out and it has seen some better days because I have worn them to death ( literally, I had to stitch the back because it came off) The gold spikes are so sharp, haha it is crazy. Let me tell you a small story here, I had left this in the corner of my room just below the light switches,  my brother had to go get something and the lights were off, he didn't realize I left my sandals down there and accidentally stepped on them. He bruised his sole, and it was almost bleeding!! :'( I felt so bad!!.. But yeah, that's how sharp they are. This is the Steve madden Jelly bean Sandal which means it is made out of rubber, hence waterproof. That's why I pull this out of my shelf when it's late summer, almost rainy season because it is perfect for that time. This was priced at Rs 2895.

What is your summer footwear favourite?? Share with me the in comments section below!!..