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Morrocan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have had only good hair days ever since I started using the Morrocan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am a massive fan of the Morrocan Oil ( read the review here) and when I found these I was so excited to try them. I had high expectations on it and I am glad it delivered.

I noticed a mild hair fall in the first wash, but nothing major or scary, the shampoo lathered up very nicely and removed all the gunk and grease off my scalp without causing any irritation. The conditioner is very thick and doesn't get diluted when applied to wet hair post shampooing. It stays on thick and locks in the moisture leaving my hair very smooth and silky after I rinse it out. I follow up the wash with my Morrocan oil as a leave in conditioner.

After multiple washes I have noticed that the texture/quality of my hair has improved and it is no longer as frizzy it used to be. Once my hair is dry, it is still very soft and most importantly very manageable. If you don't have very dry hair then you might find moroccan oil products to be on the heavier side, and it might weigh your hair down, but I have extremely dry ends so it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. It makes my comb ( or flat iron ) glide through my hair very smoothly.

I love the fragrance of the morrocan oil range, and the scent lingers on my hair after I use these three products.

It is priced at Rs 1260/- each for 250ml and available at all leading Salons.

What are your thoughts on Morrocan Oil?  Have you used it?