How to easily remove glitter nail polish without the mess


Glitters are my absolute weakness, and I can't stop wearing glitter nail polishes. With the launch of the new glitter mania ColorShow nail polishes from Maybeline I am sure a lot of you might be sporting glitters on your nails too. Although, it is fun to wear them, it is a pain in the bum to remove. You just cannot remove it without having glitter all over your fingers or without using up at least half of your nail polish remover to efficiently remove every chunk of nail polish/glitter from your nails. To remove glitter off your nails, all you need is pure Acetone and Cotton balls.

How to remove glitter nail polish easily:-

  1. Flatten the cotton balls, and wet it with pure acetone in the centre. 
  2. Place the wet cotton on top of your nail and wrap the excess around your fingers snugly.
  3. Continue wrapping each fingers and let it sit for 30-40 seconds. 
  4. Press the cotton firmly, right above the nail, and slowly slide the cotton out of your finger.
  5. VoilĂ ! Clean, glitter-free fingers.
  6. Pure Acetone can be very dehydrating, so slather on some cuticle oil on your nails, or you could also use good old Vaseline to moisturise your cuticles, like I am here.

Nothing can stop you from wearing glitter nail polish every day now!!.. 

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