MY "Hair Affair" and a BIG Reveal from Garnier Fructis India

I have a everlasting love-hate relationship with my hair, and today I am going to share my Hair Affair with you guys. I must admit this was a tiny bit embarrassing for me when I was going through my old pictures and looking at all the changes in my hair. 

So here is a fun fact, I had short hair. Three years ago, I had this crazy idea ( well it seemed crazy to me at that time) to cut my hair short instead of the shoulder length hair I had. I blame all of this to Rihanna, Priyanka Chopra in Pyaar Impossible ( don't judge me, LOL ) and nasty split ends due to straightening my hair every single day of college.  I had only gone for a trim, and one thing led to another and I returned home with a short bob. I legit cried the same night, and promised myself I will never cut my hair this short ever again. I had another "great" idea after I cut my hair so short; This time I permanently straightened my hair, you know because I used to straighten my hair almost everyday. And then came the awkward phase...

You know the phase when your natural hair grows from the roots and you can see a bump separating the new and old hair, and didn't that look ugly *facepalm*. Oh I almost forgot, I also decided to get front bangs, because I had straight hair so I thought to myself "of course it would look nice, duh!'" AND the awkward phase began.  It was when half of my bangs would be wavy/curly and the bottom half super straight, even when I straightened it, they just wouldn't match. The second awkward phase was when my normal hair was shoulder length and the tips of my hair were poky straight. When I curled my hair, I had curls on top and super straight hair in the bottom. I have promised myself that I shall never ever permanently straighten my hair again. I still have like half an inch of super straight hair left. Now, I embrace my natural hair and love it just the way it is. I don't force it to look extra straight nor curly. I oil it every time I shampoo, let my hair air dry, don't comb it when its wet,  and braid it before I sleep. 

I also did a blind test with Garnier, read more about that here.

 Do you love your hair? Ever stopped to think about how important your hair is to you and the role your hair has played in your life? Share your Hair affair in the comments down below..