SIX ways to use White Eyeliner

Lakmé eyeconic white eyeliner

White Eyeliner is the most versatile makeup product. There are so many ways you can utilise it, and here are 6 ways you can use in your everyday makeup routine:-

1.  Inner Corner Highlight

Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes makes a huge difference, especially when you are wearing a smokey look. It catches the light and brightens up the whole eye. Scribble the eye liner near the tear duct area and gently smudge it using your finger.

2. Brow Bone Highlight.

Scribble the white liner just underneath your eyeshadow and smudge it using your fingers by using a gentle tapping motion. The white liner will accentuate your brows, which will help frame your face and brighten the entire eye makeup.

4. In the Waterline to Open up Small Eyes or Tired Looking Eyes.

The white in the waterline will erase the redness, and you will look awake instantly. If you think white is too intense for you, choose a nude eyeliner instead.

5. As an EyeShadow base to brighten up Not-So Pigmented Eyeshadows

You can even wear it under a pastel liquid liner, to make the colour pop.

Before the white base. 
Dab white eyeliner all over your eyes
After the white base

6. To highlight the Cupid's Bow

Highlighting the cupid's bow makes such a huge difference when you are wearing a bright/dark colour on your lips. It really accentuates the shape of your lips and makes it appear fuller.

7. BONUS:  To cover up Blemishes & redness Use the White Eyeliner to cover up any blemish you might have before applying the concealer, this will help in minimising the redness and conceal effectively.

If you have been shying away from wearing white eyeliner, hope these 7 ways help you to wear it more often.