The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay mask Review, Seaweed Clarifying Night treatment Review, Seaweed Mattifying Moisture lotion review.

This is my favourite from the lot. This is a clay mask with a very earthy & relaxing smell that cleanses, purifies and controls excess oil. I have been using this once a week for about a month and half and I love it. If you have watched my June monthly favourites, then you might have already heard about it. I love how it pulls up all the gunk off your skin, and you can actually feel the difference when you use it. The clay mask comes in a tub, but lately I have been growing my nails and I don't like when the mask gets inside my nails, I wish that it came in a tube now. Whenever I travel a lot or have a very busy day, I just can't wait to get home to slap this mask on and let it clean all the oil/dirt out.
A fair warning though, this mask can be very stripping so make sure you use a good moisturiser and use it once a week if you have very sensitive skin.  Rs. 1295/-

I will be very honest and blunt with you, this is my least favourite product from this range and the body shop. I am utterly disappointed with this cream, and I think it does exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to. I have only tried this twice (the second time just to give it the benefit of doubt) and I just knew I dislike this product. My face looked like a grease-ball within hours of application, I think I look less oily without any mattifying cream on. I knew the SPF is fairly less (SPF 15) but I thought of overlooking that because I wanted a light base to apply my CC cream on, but this lotion is far from light. It felt very heavy on my skin as the consistency is quite thick, bought attention to my large pores, and left a weird white cast. The Seaweed range smells really earthy and refreshing, but this lotion has that sunscreen-ish smell to it, which I despise.  Rs 1295/-

This treatment comes in a plastic bottle with a pump that suctions the product out. The product is a clear gel that absorbs really quickly on the skin. This isn't very moisturising but it will make your skin feel really fresh and I follow this treatment up with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I have never used a night treatment before and I really liked how my face looked a little less greasy than it used to before. This is something that wouldn't work on you at all if you have dry skin because it is literally like water. Rs 1295/-

So in retrospective, the SeaWeed range is really good for cleansing and controlling excess oil , but I would suggest you try a sample of their moisturisers before you make any commitment, as it can be a little heavy on the wallet and your skin.