LOOK OF THE DAY // Blue Eyes and San Paulo

I sat down to film a haul video, and decided I wanted to do something different than my usual neutral eyes. I was feeling like going a bit smokey, but didn't want a black or a brown one so I opted for blue instead. I used The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes palette in no 20, the shade Indigo blue all over my lids, and starlight silver to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eyes. I smudged the darkest shade, midnight black on my lower lash line and finished with Maybelline The Falsies mascara.

For my lips I actually wanted to wear a nude lipstick, but for the fear of looking washed out in my video,  I chose to wear a pink shade very close to my natural lip colour instead. I wore the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo. These lipsticks are so well formulated, pigmented, and very buttery in spite of  being matte. I wish I had bought more colours from this range.

I wanted a heavier coverage than usual so I went for the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in No 53 as my base. I love the dewy finish of this foundation, it makes your skin look like it's well rested and healthy. To combat the inevitable T-zone oil and set the foundation in place, I dusted Rimmel Stay Matte powder all over my face, and finished the look with Lakme Absolute baked blush in Night Sheen to highlight my cheekbones just a little.

Do you like experimenting with your eyeshadows?
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I saw these sitting unnoticed while I was waiting in line at checkout aisle at Forever 21 to pay for my purchases. They looked exactly like the beauty blender that everyone has been raving about for years now. The resemblance was uncanny, and I bought it hoping I got similar results that people had in tutorials using their beauty blender. They had it in three pastel colours; blue, yellow and pink. I picked up a blue and a yellow one.

The elliptical makeup sponge is very ergonomically designed, it is so soft, and is very comfortable to hold and blend the foundation in. The sponge is very bouncy, this aids while blending in the foundation, which results in a very seamless, almost dewy finish. I use the sponge damp, wet it under the tap and squeeze all the excess water out. I use the bottom/fat side first to spread & blend the foundation all over my face, and the tapered edge to blend near my eyes, nose etc. I use to squirt the foundation on my hands first and then use the sponge to pick up the product, but lately I found that applying the foundation in dots all over my face and then using the sponge to spread/blend was much more efficient, as using the sponge to pick up the product made it absorb too much foundation at once. I use it in a circular dotting motion from the centre of my face and then moving outwards. I love how easy it has become to blend in concealer beneath my eye. I have been only using this with light to medium coverage foundations, the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream, and my Revlon Colorstay concealer, and it has always resulted in perfect application for me.

You are supposed to use a clean sponge before every application, because a damp sponge with foundation sitting on top of it could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and we don't want that transferred to our face. I made a quick video on how you can clean your makeup sponges as it can be a little tricky to clean and using only soap doesn't really work.

The makeup sponge from Forever 21 beauty is priced at Rs 259/- and the original Beauty Blender is approximately for Rs 2500 - Rs 3300/-. Now that the forever 21 India website is finally here, you could get this delivered at your door with the click of a button.

If you are a fan of light base and a very natural looking finish without burning a hole in your wallet, then this sponge is for you.

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Face masks are one of the favourite parts of my skin care routine, and I use one almost twice a week. I love the squeaky clean feeling you get after using face masks.

Since tea tree oil is antimicrobial, it is very effective in treating mild to moderate acne.  I really like The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask when I have a lot of active acne on my face. I leave it on for a good 20-30 minutes on my face. This mask is REALLY cooling without actually being stingy on your skin, leaving you feel very refreshed. It can also be used as a spot treatment. A cheaper alternative could be the Lotus Tea Tree Clear face mask, which is also aimed at reducing acne and blackheads, if you want to try a tea tree mask but do not want to splurge.

One of the main reasons I get these unwelcomed eruptions on my face is the fact that my skin is SUPER oily. I love using the Seaweed Ionic clay mask to tame my oily skin, and I think it does the job perfectly. It can be a bit stripping (especially on dehydrated skin), and can also be a little stingy if you have very sensitive skin, but I haven't had a bad experience with it yet. I follow it up with my La Roche Posay Effaclar duo, so that my skin doesn't start producing excess oil after being completely stripped off of all it's natural oils.

 On days that I am not feeling very patient I like to throw in the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions mask in my skin care routine because the thick clay structure dries up very quickly and can be washed in 5 minutes leaving your face clean, smooth and refreshed. This mask is a must in my travel bag.

I also wrote a post on how you can also make your own anti-acne face masks  and a mask for sensitive skin at home which is equally efficient as the masks I mentioned here. 
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I have been very lucky to receive a few beauty products from the UK recently. I knew couldn't express my excitement the best in writing so I decided to make a Haul video for your viewing pleasure.

 Here are the links to the Products Mentioned:

Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless Core Collection £20.99
http://bit.ly/1BQXPlp // http://bit.ly/1t3Jm2X

Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set  £20.99
http://bit.ly/1t3Juzp // http://bit.ly/1lpMq7g

Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm Primer £24.50

Benefit They are Real mascara £19.50

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil £8.95

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette £37.00

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide on Eye Pencil £15.00

What I am wearing:

Rimmel London Shadow Stick in Bad Girl Bronze

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 'Adorned'

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I am always glued to my computer screen whenever I get any free time and almost 90% of the time I am reading blogs, visiting new websites, or catching up with my Youtube Subscription. Today I wanted to share some of the links that I have been loving lately. There is a mix of everything, and I hope you enjoy something a bit different here in All She Needs.

How the Sun Sees You // Thomas Leveritt
This video is an eyeopener. Please start using sunscreen regularly if you don't already.

15 Ted Talks that will change your Life // Mashable
I love listening to a good TED talk. They really inspire and motivate me. I loved Sheryl Sandberg's talk,  if you haven't read her book 'Lean In' yet, I highly recommend it to you and your significant other.

Pineapple Nail Art // Dana from thewonderforest.com
I have been really obsessed with fruits lately and Dana really inspired me to do this nail art. Follow me on instagram, I post nailfies very frequently there.

Beauty Chat with Lily Pebbles // VivianadoesMakeup
I love watching their beauty chat videos, and find them so genuine, dedicated, and so down to earth. I had a smile on my face the whole time I watched this video. Just a nice video to watch while you relax at the end of the day with a mug of tea.

How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds // DaveHax
This is the best thing I have ever learned from the internet. Ever.

Summer Braid 6 // The Beauty Department
I am obsessed with this #twishtail hairstyle, see it for yourself, you will fall in love too.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Show // Kayture
Everything about this outfit is perfect, the shoes, the necklace, the clutch, and the yellow nail polish. OH MY GOD the shoes are PERFECT. I love going through Kayture just to admire the blog's photography, and Kristina is just 20! WHAT? What am I even doing with my life. Well the next link might help me with that.

21 tips to become more productive // Robin Sharma
I love going through this list on my not so best days.

Stick up Weekly Calender // Pocketo 
Can I please have this in my life? No? okay.

15 inspirational quotes to get you through this week // Jessica Harlow 
I love reading/collecting inspirational+motivational quotes and these are a bunch of really good ones.

Click on the image below to visit their website. 
Links that I love

Hope you like this post, and found some new and inspiring things. This was really fun to write, I am thinking of making a list of the links that I love a monthly thing.

Which was your favourite read?

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Forever 21 

I only wear flats on a day to day basis (these are some of my favourites), but I love adding some height once in a while. When it comes to shoes, comfort is the key for me and I usually stick to the basic colours. I don't own a lot of heels, and the ones I do are mostly wedges because these are the only ones I can wear the entire day without hurting myself and I can wear them casually or even for a fancy evening out.

I know you can carry a spare pair of flats whenever you are wearing stilettos but that's not always practical for me. I don't attend events or dinner parties regularly and I need to be really practical with what I wear, be comfortable, and look put together. I don't buy too many stilettos because I know I will seldom use them and they will only gather dust.

These are my 4 most worn heels, and they have all had their fair share of outings. My most worn heels are the Zara Pumps, because these are the oldest of the lot, and I like to wear them at work. They need a little breaking in at first but once they mould into the shape of your feet these pumps are really comfortable. The heel is perfect, neither to thick nor too thin, thereby not putting too much pressure on your feet when you stand.

I love wedges, they are super comfortable and make your legs look super long without the pain. I love wearing my nude wedges with blue skinny jeans & it makes my outfit look really put together. I also love the gold detailing on my Paprika and Catwalk wedges. The red pair adds a touch of colour when I wear very monochrome outfits (which is most of the time) and I love the black pair for a night out as they are insanely comfortable, I could stand in them for hours. The black open toed wedge from Forver 21 are the newest addition to my collection and these are really comfortable as well.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve whenever I go out to buy heels;

  • A good ankle support,
  • Open toes to support the heavy heel,
  • I can lift the heels more than one inch from the ground whilst wearing the shoe,
  • The base isn't too hard or too soft,
  • The heel is sturdy and not wobbly,
  • And lastly, it fits me perfectly.
I know the words 'comfortable' and 'heels' are very rarely used in the same sentences, but with these shoes I am no longer terrified of wearing heels.  Also, I wrote about some of my favourite pedicure polishes  that makes my rather ugly toes look neat when I wear my open toed shoes or sandals. Do give it a look.

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Sometimes I feel our toenails are not given as much attention as they deserve. I myself am guilty of it. I do my manicures very often (almost every week) but when it comes to pedicures, I feel lethargic. I don't know, there is something about it which makes it less entertaining than painting your finger nails. I love wearing open sandals hence, my toe nails are always showing, so I make sure they are always clean and adorned in a pretty colour.

I tend to change my toe nail colour less frequently because nail polishes on my toes can literally last months. No, seriously they can go through a Tsunami without chipping a bit. Is it just me or does anyone of you also go through the same? As I was thinking about the aforementioned sorcery, I decided that I should share some of my favourite pedicure polishes.

The Classic Toes
Red nail polish is hands down a classic when it comes to toe colours.  80% of my pedicures have always been red. Red makes my feet look sexy and helps me show off my rather ugly toe nails confidently. I love wearing a classic red nail polish when I am wearing a black peep toe sandal or heels.
My favourite red nails polishes are the Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Red and the Maybelline Express Finish in Tomato Red.

The Funky Toes
When I am feeling a bit daring, I like to sport some funky colours on my toes, mostly Neon Green and Yellow. Green makes my toes really bright and adds a dash of colour to my feet without being overpowering. I seldom wear yellow to be honest, but when I do you can bet that I was feeling very adventurous that day. My favourite funky pedicures polishes are the Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Lime Margarita and Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Sunshine.

The Shimmery Toes
I love wearing nail polishes that have a hint of shimmer in them. They look really pretty when worn, especially on my toes. I don't know if you've noticed it by now but I like wearing dark nail polishes on my toe nails and when dark colours comes with subtle shimmers, it is a match made in pedicure heaven. Two of my favourites are the Revlon Electric Chrome Nail Enamel in Gwen's Crush and the Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Rainforest.

The Not So Classic Toes
Now unlike red, which is a classic pedicure polish, there are some other colours that are worn on the toes very often like dark blue, fuschia, silver, maroon, etc. Some of my other favourite nail colours, (the ones I like to wear when I have worn Red for one whole month) are the Rimmel Lycra Pro in Hypnotise which is a beautiful deep wine colour, and the Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Blue Topaz which is a vibrant Indigo blue.

What are your favourite pedicure polishes? 
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Get ready with Me // Winged Liner & Red Lips

I decided to try out the Stilla Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black, Kitten Eye Shadow, and Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso from the Stilla Holiday Essential Kit.  See my Sephora India Haul to find out what else I bought.

As soon as I saw these three products I knew I had to do a very classic winged liner and red lip look. I hope you enjoyed this video. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that you don't miss any new videos.
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M.A.C Lady Danger Nails, Nubar Hot Red.

I am not really a matte polish kinda girl, but I think that has changed when I laid eyes on Hot Red from Nubar, a matte bright red nail polish with an Orange undertone, just like Mac's Lady Danger. I chose this colour in the salon so I don't own it yet,  but that's going to change very soon. When I googled for some dupes to this colour I realised that Revlon Mad about Mango is very similar to this shade.

Lady Danger is one of my absolute favourite lipsticks and I am so thrilled to have found a similar colour for my nails.

Quick Tip: Add some corn flour powder to your top coat and turn any nail colour Matte.

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Soap and Glory India Flake Away Scrub, The Righteous Butter, and Hand Food, Rs 390 each
Soap and Glory India The Sexy Mother Pucker, Rs 1100.
Nyx India Soft Matte Lip Creme, Rs 570 each
Stilla Cosmetics India, Stay all day Black Liquid Liner, Stay all day Liquid Lipstick, Kitten Eyeshadow, Set Rs 1100
Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Mango Butter, Rs 400
Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip balm, Rs 1200

If you read my last post on what's in my makeup bag, you will know that I had a chance to visit Delhi. Although my visit was very short and with a very packed schedule, I managed to squeeze out a 20 minute visit to Sephora India. You should have seen my face as I entered the store, I was awestruck. I had to hold my horses, because I wanted to see everything at once like a kid in a candy store. It took me a little over 10 minutes to calm down and see what I really wanted to buy. This could also help you, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Delhi and don't know what to buy from Sephora India.

I went straight into the benefit cosmetics counter and asked for the push up liner, but they didn't have it yet. Next was the Soap and glory counter and I bought tiny tubs of the flake away body scrub, Hand food and The Righteous body butter. I also bought the Sexy Mother Pucker (what a name!) in the shade Yummy plum.
Nyx butter glosses were my next target but I couldn't find them so I picked up the Soft matte Lip Cream in San Paulo and Adis Ababa, and I think these two are my favourites of all the things I bought, I wish I had dived into Nyx blushes too but that would have been a race against time. I quickly headed over to the Stilla counter for their stay all day liners, and spotted this gift set with Kitten eyeshadow, Stay all day lipstick in red, and the stay all day black liquid liner, which I thought was value for money, and it went straight into my basket. I had heard a lot about the Burt's Bee lip balm and also picked that up on the way to the counter. Before I left the store, I thought of looking at all the counters just so that I haven't missed anything I should have got, and then, lo and behold, I found Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip balm! Oh my I was beyond excited, and this was the last thing I bought.

I was reminiscing about my visit and thought that I should have checked out Sephora's own makeup and nail polish line, purchased some Sephora Brushes, and should've clicked pictures of the store.

If you've visited Sephora India already, I would love to know your favourite purchases and your Top 5 picks. 
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What's in my travel Makeup bag.

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag
If I had to define my travel makeup bag in one word, it would be minimalistic. I like to keep it straightforward, and take things that I know I absolutely cannot leave my house without. I have had the chance to visit New Delhi very recently, and this was what I carried in my makeup bag for the short trip.

I think I haven't used a foundation ever since I started using the Bourjois 123 CC cream, it's the perfect base, period. The Rimmel Stay matte powder is the perfect partner for my CC cream as it locks in all the excess oil, sets the Revlon Colorstay Concealer under my eyes and makes them last ALL DAY. When I am traveling, I would rather enjoy my time than touch up my face every hour, therefore, these three products are perfect when I am travelling, and can you tell how much I love the powder, I have never hit pan on anything before, this is like a personal achievement for me. The Nyx Blush in Silky Rose and The Body Shop Honey bronzer, 04  are a match made in heaven when it comes to bringing some life back into the face. For eyes, I took the Maybelline Colour tattoo in Bad to the Bronze  because it is the best eyeshadow either as a base or on it's own. I had to wake up very early during the short trip I had, and anything that would help me by adding extra 5 minutes to my sleep went straight into my bag, no questions asked. Bronzed lid,  mascara (L'Oreal Volume million lashes for the night and Maybelline The Falsies  in the day),  kohl on the lower lash line ( Lakmé Eyeconic in Black, sorry I think it was in my handbag and I forgot to put it back in my makeup bag when this picture was taken) paired with bright lips was my everyday look in this trip. I checked the weather for Delhi and saw that it was going to be bright and sunny ( such a relief from the constant rainfall here) of course I had to pull out  Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic for the day, and Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic for the night (not that I wouldn't wear this during day time).

For skincare I have this weird rule in my head to try samples when I am travelling. Every time I receive a sample, it goes straight into my makeup bag and does not see daylight unless I am off to some place. Sometimes I even forget about them. I like carrying samples when I travel for two reasons; #1 I always try to travel light and try not to carry all my large toiletries & #2 I get to try new stuff. I feel travelling to new places is a great way to break the momentum of your daily routine and try new things. I also kept two products which have been working really well on my skin lately, i.e. The Body Shop Seaweed clarifying night treatment  & The La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo.

For this trip, I took my Khiels samples; Blue Herbal Cleanser, Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Micro-Blur Skin Perfecter. I am guilty of saving the later for a special occasion and still haven't pricked it yet.

I also have a habit of washing my hands VERY frequently when I am travelling. Having fallen sick many a times while travelling has made me a little paranoid about dirty hands, and NO hand sanitizers do not work, I have to wash my hands. Constant washing in hotel/public washrooms leads to a feeling which I absolutely despise, dried & stretchy palms. The good old almond hand cream from the body shop is the perfect first aid to get rid of this feeling without making my palms greasy.

That sums up everything I carried in my makeup bag and I hope you enjoyed taking a peak inside it. What are your travel essentials? I am constantly researching ways I can make travelling stress free ( in terms of packing) and I would love and appreciate your ideas.

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