I am always glued to my computer screen whenever I get any free time and almost 90% of the time I am reading blogs, visiting new websites, or catching up with my Youtube Subscription. Today I wanted to share some of the links that I have been loving lately. There is a mix of everything, and I hope you enjoy something a bit different here in All She Needs.

How the Sun Sees You // Thomas Leveritt
This video is an eyeopener. Please start using sunscreen regularly if you don't already.

15 Ted Talks that will change your Life // Mashable
I love listening to a good TED talk. They really inspire and motivate me. I loved Sheryl Sandberg's talk,  if you haven't read her book 'Lean In' yet, I highly recommend it to you and your significant other.

Pineapple Nail Art // Dana from
I have been really obsessed with fruits lately and Dana really inspired me to do this nail art. Follow me on instagram, I post nailfies very frequently there.

Beauty Chat with Lily Pebbles // VivianadoesMakeup
I love watching their beauty chat videos, and find them so genuine, dedicated, and so down to earth. I had a smile on my face the whole time I watched this video. Just a nice video to watch while you relax at the end of the day with a mug of tea.

How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds // DaveHax
This is the best thing I have ever learned from the internet. Ever.

Summer Braid 6 // The Beauty Department
I am obsessed with this #twishtail hairstyle, see it for yourself, you will fall in love too.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Show // Kayture
Everything about this outfit is perfect, the shoes, the necklace, the clutch, and the yellow nail polish. OH MY GOD the shoes are PERFECT. I love going through Kayture just to admire the blog's photography, and Kristina is just 20! WHAT? What am I even doing with my life. Well the next link might help me with that.

21 tips to become more productive // Robin Sharma
I love going through this list on my not so best days.

Stick up Weekly Calender // Pocketo 
Can I please have this in my life? No? okay.

15 inspirational quotes to get you through this week // Jessica Harlow 
I love reading/collecting inspirational+motivational quotes and these are a bunch of really good ones.

Click on the image below to visit their website. 
Links that I love

Hope you like this post, and found some new and inspiring things. This was really fun to write, I am thinking of making a list of the links that I love a monthly thing.

Which was your favourite read?