Sometimes I feel our toenails are not given as much attention as they deserve. I myself am guilty of it. I do my manicures very often (almost every week) but when it comes to pedicures, I feel lethargic. I don't know, there is something about it which makes it less entertaining than painting your finger nails. I love wearing open sandals hence, my toe nails are always showing, so I make sure they are always clean and adorned in a pretty colour.

I tend to change my toe nail colour less frequently because nail polishes on my toes can literally last months. No, seriously they can go through a Tsunami without chipping a bit. Is it just me or does anyone of you also go through the same? As I was thinking about the aforementioned sorcery, I decided that I should share some of my favourite pedicure polishes.

The Classic Toes
Red nail polish is hands down a classic when it comes to toe colours.  80% of my pedicures have always been red. Red makes my feet look sexy and helps me show off my rather ugly toe nails confidently. I love wearing a classic red nail polish when I am wearing a black peep toe sandal or heels.
My favourite red nails polishes are the Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Red and the Maybelline Express Finish in Tomato Red.

The Funky Toes
When I am feeling a bit daring, I like to sport some funky colours on my toes, mostly Neon Green and Yellow. Green makes my toes really bright and adds a dash of colour to my feet without being overpowering. I seldom wear yellow to be honest, but when I do you can bet that I was feeling very adventurous that day. My favourite funky pedicures polishes are the Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Lime Margarita and Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Sunshine.

The Shimmery Toes
I love wearing nail polishes that have a hint of shimmer in them. They look really pretty when worn, especially on my toes. I don't know if you've noticed it by now but I like wearing dark nail polishes on my toe nails and when dark colours comes with subtle shimmers, it is a match made in pedicure heaven. Two of my favourites are the Revlon Electric Chrome Nail Enamel in Gwen's Crush and the Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Rainforest.

The Not So Classic Toes
Now unlike red, which is a classic pedicure polish, there are some other colours that are worn on the toes very often like dark blue, fuschia, silver, maroon, etc. Some of my other favourite nail colours, (the ones I like to wear when I have worn Red for one whole month) are the Rimmel Lycra Pro in Hypnotise which is a beautiful deep wine colour, and the Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Blue Topaz which is a vibrant Indigo blue.

What are your favourite pedicure polishes?