I saw these sitting unnoticed while I was waiting in line at checkout aisle at Forever 21 to pay for my purchases. They looked exactly like the beauty blender that everyone has been raving about for years now. The resemblance was uncanny, and I bought it hoping I got similar results that people had in tutorials using their beauty blender. They had it in three pastel colours; blue, yellow and pink. I picked up a blue and a yellow one.

The elliptical makeup sponge is very ergonomically designed, it is so soft, and is very comfortable to hold and blend the foundation in. The sponge is very bouncy, this aids while blending in the foundation, which results in a very seamless, almost dewy finish. I use the sponge damp, wet it under the tap and squeeze all the excess water out. I use the bottom/fat side first to spread & blend the foundation all over my face, and the tapered edge to blend near my eyes, nose etc. I use to squirt the foundation on my hands first and then use the sponge to pick up the product, but lately I found that applying the foundation in dots all over my face and then using the sponge to spread/blend was much more efficient, as using the sponge to pick up the product made it absorb too much foundation at once. I use it in a circular dotting motion from the centre of my face and then moving outwards. I love how easy it has become to blend in concealer beneath my eye. I have been only using this with light to medium coverage foundations, the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream, and my Revlon Colorstay concealer, and it has always resulted in perfect application for me.

You are supposed to use a clean sponge before every application, because a damp sponge with foundation sitting on top of it could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and we don't want that transferred to our face. I made a quick video on how you can clean your makeup sponges as it can be a little tricky to clean and using only soap doesn't really work.

The makeup sponge from Forever 21 beauty is priced at Rs 259/- and the original Beauty Blender is approximately for Rs 2500 - Rs 3300/-. Now that the forever 21 India website is finally here, you could get this delivered at your door with the click of a button.

If you are a fan of light base and a very natural looking finish without burning a hole in your wallet, then this sponge is for you.