Forever 21 

I only wear flats on a day to day basis (these are some of my favourites), but I love adding some height once in a while. When it comes to shoes, comfort is the key for me and I usually stick to the basic colours. I don't own a lot of heels, and the ones I do are mostly wedges because these are the only ones I can wear the entire day without hurting myself and I can wear them casually or even for a fancy evening out.

I know you can carry a spare pair of flats whenever you are wearing stilettos but that's not always practical for me. I don't attend events or dinner parties regularly and I need to be really practical with what I wear, be comfortable, and look put together. I don't buy too many stilettos because I know I will seldom use them and they will only gather dust.

These are my 4 most worn heels, and they have all had their fair share of outings. My most worn heels are the Zara Pumps, because these are the oldest of the lot, and I like to wear them at work. They need a little breaking in at first but once they mould into the shape of your feet these pumps are really comfortable. The heel is perfect, neither to thick nor too thin, thereby not putting too much pressure on your feet when you stand.

I love wedges, they are super comfortable and make your legs look super long without the pain. I love wearing my nude wedges with blue skinny jeans & it makes my outfit look really put together. I also love the gold detailing on my Paprika and Catwalk wedges. The red pair adds a touch of colour when I wear very monochrome outfits (which is most of the time) and I love the black pair for a night out as they are insanely comfortable, I could stand in them for hours. The black open toed wedge from Forver 21 are the newest addition to my collection and these are really comfortable as well.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve whenever I go out to buy heels;

  • A good ankle support,
  • Open toes to support the heavy heel,
  • I can lift the heels more than one inch from the ground whilst wearing the shoe,
  • The base isn't too hard or too soft,
  • The heel is sturdy and not wobbly,
  • And lastly, it fits me perfectly.
I know the words 'comfortable' and 'heels' are very rarely used in the same sentences, but with these shoes I am no longer terrified of wearing heels.  Also, I wrote about some of my favourite pedicure polishes  that makes my rather ugly toes look neat when I wear my open toed shoes or sandals. Do give it a look.