A few weeks ago I decided to purge my nail polish collection and just keep the ones that I actually used/loved. Sometimes I go on this nail polish buying spree, but end up using only few of them. Some of the nail polishes bought, I only wore once and some of them are untouched. When my nail polishes are stored in a pile like junk I tend to forget the shades I own and never wear them. I realised that I needed to just dump all my nail polish on the floor and sort them out, just go through each bottle, throw the ones that are beyond repair, keep the ones that I haven't worn in a while but deserve some wearing, and simply just look at the colours I own so that I don't end up buying the same shades twice. I decided to write down all the names of the shade I own and share it here so that; #1. You guys can recognise, and know which is which if you wanted to buy and #2. I will remember the shades that I own and remember to wear them more often.

Nail polish is something that I have no boundaries for, I can wear any shade and be comfortable with it. I really like experimenting with different colours, textures, designs etc when it comes to my nails and love collecting polishes. I like storing my nail polishes in rectangular plastic containers. I used to have one much smaller than the one in the picture, but my collection outgrew it so I had to get a bigger sized one. I want to get a nail polish rack that I could hang on the wall, so that I can see all colours at a glance, but haven't really found the one yet, so these plastic containers are doing the job for now. I am also planning to keep this as the standard container size and all the nail polish that I own needs to fit inside this and/or if a new polish comes in, I HAVE to toss an old one out.

 The nail polishes from left to right;

Row 1: Lakmé Fast and Fabulous Purple Fix, Revlon Gwen's Crush, Lakmé Red Alert, Rimmel Lycra Pro Hypnotise, Rimmel 60 Seconds Deliciously Dark, Loreal Hypnotic Red, Maybelline Color Show Silver Linings, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Golden-I, Colorbar Retro Silver, Faces All that Glitters.

Row 2: Maybelline Color Show Glittermania Starry Nights, Velvet Wine, Red carpet, Paparazzi purple, Matinee Mauve, Colorbar tangerine mojito, Rimmel I love lasting finish Hot & Spicy, Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic, Lakmé Colour Crush Yellow, Maybelline Color show Sweet Sunshine, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow.

Row 3: Sally hansen Right Said red, OPI Nice Colour, eh?, Colorbar Pink lady, Maybelline Colorstay Hooked-on-pink, Rimmel I love lasting finish Lovely Lilac, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear BubbleGum, Street wear Cadillac Pink, Colorbar Exclusive, Street wear Pearl white. 

Row 4:  Maybelline Colorama Marinho, Colorbar Blue topaz, Loreal Rebel blue, Maybelline Colorstay Blueberry Ice, Lakmé Fast and Fabulous Aqua Express, Rimmel I love lasting finish Misty Jade, Colour bar Lime Margarita, Maybelline Colorama Verde Palmeira, Lakmé Fast and Fabulous Storm Green, Revlon ColorStay Rainforest.

Row 5: Random brands from Thailand, Maybelline Colorama Harpa, Maybelline Color show crazy berry, Midnight Taupe, Nude Skin, Maxfactor Nailfinity Onyx, Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, Rimmel Stronger Nails, Rimmel Nail Rescue.