Quick and Easy Autumn Makeup With MAC Rebel

A very simple and quick autumn makeup tutorial!

Makeup used in order of the video;

Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation
Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer
Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadowstick In Bad Girl bronze
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof in Brown
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Lakme Absolute Baked Blush in Night Sparkle
Mac Rebel Lipstick

If you don't have Mac rebel, click here to find a dupe for less than half of Mac Lipstick's price.

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There are three things about foundation that we need to keep in mind; 

  1. Colour, 
  2. your Skin type, 
  3. and the texture & coverage. 

Foundation's main purposes are to create an even and uniform complexion, cover minor flaws ( for bigger/more prominent flaws concealer is required along with the foundation) and sometimes also used to change the colour of one's skin tone. If you think you want to cover everything using foundation you are going to end up looking like you are wearing a mask. The foundation needs to match the skin's tone perfectly and the best way to judge if the foundation suits your skin tone is by applying it on your jawline and seeing it in daylight. 

The second thing, skin type, I have very oily to combination skin so I like to use foundations that are water based, for example; Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua, or mineral/powder foundations like The Body Shop Virgin Mineral Powder Foundation that has oil absorbing properties. If you have very dry skin you need a foundation that gives you lots of moisture, and if you have very dull skin you can buy foundations with light reflective pigments like the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Finish Foundation. 

Thirdly, the texture depends on what coverage you are looking for, very liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers are for people who have great skin already and just need something to even their skin tone, a little thicker liquid ones with medium coverage is also good for every one and also for those who suffer from mild acne/blemishes as the coverage with these foundations is very build-able ( apply a thin layer first, and then go back and apply more on areas that need more hiding). You could also get more coverage from products like compacts, and powders that are tinted. There are foundations with very heavy coverage also available which are only appropriate for certain occasions and not really for every day purposes ( maybe as a first layer to cover up a tattoo).

There are basically three different types of foundations; Cream, Liquid, and Mineral Powder. Nowadays ,you get mousse, gel, BB and CC creams and all sorts of other concoctions, but these 3 remains the three basic texture, and there are various ways of applying the foundation depending on the texture. For all types of foundation, start applying it from the centre of your face and blend it outwards, towards the periphery, and bring it all the way down to your neck. I always begin by pumping the foundation on the back of my hand, and dotting it all over my face, starting from the centre, where most of us need maximum coverage. Your fingers are one of the best tool to apply and blend foundation, as the warmth in them makes it very convenient to blend the foundation easily. 

For cream foundations, look for dense circular brushes with a flat surface, like the Real techniques Expert Face Brush or Sigma F80 brush, to literally press the foundation onto your skin when you swirl it around, and give you a very natural, pore-less, almost airbrushed finish. 

For liquid Foundations, look for wide, flat and densely packed paddle brush, like the Lakme absolute Foundation brush to pat and blend the foundation on your skin. This brush really helps in reaching all the nooks and crannies of your face, like under your eyes, on the corner of your nose etc. A common mistake a lot of us tend to make while using this brush is that we use it in an up & down motion ( like painting a wall) but instead pat the brush in one direction (like only painting the wall downwards), from the centre of your face towards the periphery and you will get a seamless finish. 

You can also use a stippling brush, like Vega Dual Fibre Stippling Brush, to pick up small amount of cream or liquid foundation onto the tips of the brush and gently stipple the brush over your skin repeatedly until all the dots overlap to give you an airbrushed finish. 

For mineral powder foundations, look for stout, dense brushes like The Body Shop Kabuki brush, which are structured to disperse the powder foundation evenly onto your skin while we use a swirling motion. You'll instantly despise powder foundation if you don't use a right brush to go along with it. 

There are also three different types of foundation finishes; Matte, Satin and Dewy. 

Like the name suggests, foundations that have a matte finish has a very shine free finish, almost flat, soft and powder like. If you have very oily skin, I would suggest that you stick to this finish. Example; Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.

Foundations with satin finish are neither too matte nor too dewy. These foundations have a very natural finish with a soft radiance. This finish is suitable for all skin types, and it will look good on anyone.  Example; Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Lakme 9-5 Foundation. 

Foundations with a dewy finish has a very glowing, fresh, radiant, and luminous finish. If you have dry skin, then foundations with a dewy finish will suit you best. Also, if you have a mature skin type, a dewy finish will impart a youthful look to your skin. Example: Loreal true Match Foundation. 

Take your time in choosing the best foundation for you, go through each and every aspect of it, if your skin colour changes when the season changes ( darker in the summer and paler during winter or vice versa) then keep that in mind when you choose the shade of your foundation. You definitely do not need a lot of foundations, once you find THE one, stick to it. Listen to your skin, understand what it wants, is it dehydrated, is it sensitive and then choose wisely. A wrong foundation shade or texture will haunt you, so do not fall into trends or sale tactics when it comes to buying bases. Make good use of samples, and if they don't give samples, don't be shy to try it on your whole face and neck, let in stay on for at least an hour to see if it oxidises and changes colour (usually a shade darker) and then make your decision. Do the rest of your shopping, come back and buy the foundation if you genuinely like it.

I wish I had a post like this when I first bought a foundation; It was a disaster. All of the afore mentioned points are solutions from the mistakes I have done in the past and I don't want the same to happen with you.

Please share this with your friends and family if you found this helpful, and make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss the new makeup basics posts. 
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The intricate designs, the smell, the colour, its all of these that really excites me about henna. A few days ago I had an urge to apply Mehendi, out of nowhere. Well maybe because I found out that there is a mehendi artist who sits very close to my home, and I saw a few mehendi clad ladies during Karwa chauth.

I like the colour of wet henna rather than the actual colour/stain. I read that the colour/intensity of the stain depends on the thickness and the heat emitted from your skin. I have really thin skin on my palms, so I never really had dark stained mehendi.

It's all fun and pretty until the stain starts coming off slowly. I despise the discoloured patchy lines when the stain starts to fade away. It makes my hands look so mucky.

Nevertheless, my love for henna still stands strong, and I feel that this is a very beautiful tradition that we have.

Have you ever had mehendi drawn?
If so, do you prefer simple one strand designs like the back of my hand or mehendi all over your palm? 
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I have talked about a lot of face masks here, a DIY one, masks for blemishes, sensitive skin etc, but I just realised I haven't shared one thing that I used along with them, The Body Shop Luxury Flannel. I use this almost every time I have a face mask on, which is at least once a week.

Contrary to it's name, this is not made out of flannel, but some latex/neoprene sort of material, which is very stretchy, soft and silky. I think wash cloths in general are called flannel in British English, maybe that's why it was named this way. That being said, the wash cloth is very luxurious indeed, and very essential in my skin care routine.

The cloth becomes stiff, and rigid when it's completely dry, but when the cloth is placed under lukewarm water, it turns very soft. The cloth dries off incredibly fast and is apparently anti bacterial. This was one of my biggest concern, since this was something I was going to apply directly onto my face, and since it's reusable, meant that I had to wash it, and if it took too long to dry it could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

This cloth is amazing to remove tenacious face masks, especially clay masks.  Before I had this, I had to literally rub my skin to get rid of all the clay mask out of my face, but this cloth removes everything instantly. It is almost like a sponge, so instantly hydrates all off the mask at once and removes all the mask residue once you swipe cloth on your face. It does not tag, drag or pull on your skin, rather glides on very smoothly.

You could also use this cloth to take off makeup effectively using any cleansing oil, like almond, olive or even baby oil. I use the body shop chamomile silky cleansing oil to remove my makeup and you can see my entire cleansing routine in this video. Apply a little bit of the cleansing oil all over you face, massage it in to break down all of the makeup, use this cloth ( after it has been wet in lukewarm water and excess water squeezed out) to swipe of all the cleansing oil off your face. This cloth is literally like a magnet, it will pull out all your makeup. Yes, even those pesky waterproof mascara, and kajal from your bottom lash line. This could save you loads of dirty cotton pads. The damp cloth also feels really refreshing on the skin.

Since the wash cloth is pearl white, it does get stained very easily over time. I make sure that I wash it well after every use,  after a few uses it does get stained with kajal, foundation, lipstick, and turmeric from my DIY anti-acne face mask. If you hand wash the cloth with a gentle yet effective soap, the stains come off, but over time the stains do show up in the cloth.  I am not very concerned with this, since this is for my personal use only and I don't share it with anyone so it doesn't matter that much that it's not white any more.

I found it difficult to hang this cloth as it turns crisp, when dry, and falls off of hooks. So, I hang it on a hanger, but after a month or so of hanging it, the cloth had a small tear in the centre, because of the tension created. It didn't get in the way of my cleansing routine or anything, it's just that the cloth doesn't look as aesthetic as it does when brand new.

This is priced at Rs 400, which is very affordable, and great for anyone who has sensitive skin, or if you feel removing makeup is a chore. I highly recommend that you add this to your skincare arsenal!
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I made a video tutorial on a very simple, easy and wearable makeup look and hairstyle which you can wear on Diwali. Lets consider this the last and final look in my 7 days 7 looks series, hope you enjoy the video.

Make up and Tools used in order of the Video;

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No 53
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Palette in Copper Brown
ELF Angled Brush
Real Techniques Definer Brush
Nyx Blush in Silky Rose
Stilla Eyeshadow in Kitten
Colorbar Lip Definer in Clear Red
Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in Non Stop Red
Remington Straightener Model S-2002
Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @debasree and make sure to come back. I can't believe this series is over. This is the last and final look in this series, and apologies that it was uploaded a little late. Do let me know if you have any requests for future videos in the comments down below. 

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  6. SATURDAY // 7 days, 7 Looks.
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Instead of just showing you my look, I decided to show you how I create this party or festive season makeup look with a video tutorial.

I created a smokey golden eye using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, added gold glitters and paired it with a bold lip. If you think the glitters are a bit too much for you, you can always skip this step and it will still look really nice, but the glitters are what makes this look fun. If you don't have the Naked 2 palette you can create the same look using the Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow palette in Copper Brown which has very similar shades or you can use any gold and dark brown eye shadow of your choice.

I prepped my skin using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and Clinique's Dramatically different moisturising gel. Since the lipstick is matte, I prepped my lips with Nuxe Rêve De Miel before I started doing my make up so that the lip balm gets time to sink in.

Makeup used in order of the video;

Benefit Porefessfional Primer
Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation in 316 Nude Beige
Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium
Maybelline Compact Powder
Nyx Single eye shadow in Antique Gold
Half Baked, Naked 2 palette; all over the lids
Busted, Naked 2 palette; on the crease
Verve, Naked 2 palette; on the inner corners and brow bone
Tease, Naked 2 palette; on eyebrows
Gold Glitter from Faces Canada Glitters Stackable
Colorbar Just Smokey Kajal in Just black
Colorbar Ultimate eyeliner in Ultimate black
Benefit they're real mascara
Lakme Absolute Baked blush in Night Sparkle
MAC Lady Danger

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @debasree and make sure to come back tomorrow for the 7th and final look. I can't believe this series is almost over. 

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  4. THURSDAY // 7 days, 7 Looks.
  5. FRIDAY // 7 days, 7 Looks
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Yay!! It's Friday. Ever wondered why Monday is so far away from Friday, and Friday is so near to Monday? Le Sigh. 

I don't know about you, but most of the places I know of, have casual fridays, and today's look is going to be based off of that. I love dressing smart, but dressing smart casuals is on one another level. I feel so "me" when I wear casuals. I wore one of my favourite almost-crop top from Forever 21 which I had shown in my Fashion Haul Video.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have instantly recognised the last picture. Yup, it's that look, the one that was inspired by Iggy Azelea, well a more wearable version of one of her iconic makeup looks, bold winged liner with bright pink lips. The winged liner I wore today is a toned down version of her dramatic look created using the Stilla stay all day liquid liner in Black and Benefit They're real Mascara. I haven't put any eye shadow on my lids, didn't even apply primer because the liner doesn't move. You can almost see my veiny eye lids if you look closely. My favourite part of this look is the lipstick I wore, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss for Rimmel in No 20. This lipstick is super pigmented and it lasts all day! It's awesome to give a pop of colour to your outfits; this shade is a fuchsia pink which seriously BRIGHT. You must swatch this if you ever get the chance, and buy it too because it is priced at Rs 215/- only, this is seriously a steal. I went back to an old favourites for my base, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. This foundation never ceases to amaze me, I honestly LOVE it. I've almost finished up my bottle, and I am certainly buying a new one.

Where do I even begin with my hair, I think I should give up fighting with this humidity here and embrace the natural texture of my hair. You are seeing some serious bed hair in this look. It is slightly wavier than what it naturally is because I slept in my braids, that I wore in my previous look, last night and woke up to this hairstyle. Though, to be honest, I really like this messy, textured look. I sprayed few pumps of my Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray just to hold the waves and texture in place. You could almost call this hairstyle a messy, mermaid wave. No? Okay. :P

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @debasree and make sure to come back tomorrow for Look no 6. 

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Thursday's look is fairly simple and very wearable. I washed my hair last night, so when I woke up, I had a giant frizz-ball on my head, which went straight into a simple, messy, and voluminous side braid. I tossed my head upside down, pulled my hair into the side I wanted the braid in, divided it into three sections, and braided normally. I recently got a haircut with intense layers in the front, so you can see a lot of strands protruding out of the braid, leading to a messy look, which I really like. My bright, yellow top is from Zink London.

I really enjoyed using the Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation yesterday, so I wore it as a base again. It gives a really natural looking finish. I also slightly brushed on Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush in Fresh Coral. Every time I use a coloured eye liner I like having a bronzed base for the colour to look brighter. I drew a very subtle winged liner with the Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil in Dazzle Purple, which almost looks black at the first glance but a beautiful, shimmery dark purple when you look closely, a perfect alternative to black liner, over Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze as a base. I wore the Oriflame Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara, which you might have seen in my What's in my everyday makeup bag post, to lengthen my top and bottom eyelashes. I slightly defined my lower lash line using the colour Choco chip from my The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes palette using a thin angled brush, as I didn't wear any kajal there. I dug out one of my old favourites for my lips, Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart, which is a gorgeous sheer red. I was seriously obsessed with this lipstick, it is almost over and I literally dug  out the colour and applied it with a lip brush, because I really wanted to share this shade with you. This is the perfect red for office wear, or if you want to wear a red/bold lip but too scared of wearing one. The formula of these lipsticks are amazing, they are extremely hydrating, almost like a lip butter but with colour. The only con I would say for this range would be the longevity of it, it doesn't really last long. 

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @debasree and make sure to come back tomorrow for Look no 5. 

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On Wednesdays, my hair is pretty much due for a wash, but I like to wait at least two days before I wash my hair, so I tie my hair into a ponytail. Ponytails are great for bad hair days. If your hair turns limp by day 3 too, spritz some dry shampoo on your crown and backcomb it gently to add volume back into your hair. If you don't own a dry shampoo, sprinkle baby powder instead, and it should do the trick. Then, you can finger comb all your hair back, secure it into a ponytail using an elastic band that matches your hair colour. Once the pony is secured,  wrap a thin section of your hair around the elastic band to cover it and make it look neat. I like how sophisticated the ponytail looks once it's wrapped with hair and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into your hairstyle.

I wore one of my favourite tangerine shirt from Van Heusen for today's look. I love the gold details on this shirt, especially on the collar, and it's one of those pieces that instantly brightens up my mood and day. I thought this shirt would be perfect for Wednesday. For my makeup, I decided to keep it fresh and simple with a bright orange lipstick, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Audacious, which is very similar to my shirt. I wore the new Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation as a base, which I recently bought and decided to try out. For my eyes I used the shade Marshmallow fom The Body Shop Shimmer cubes palette, all over my eyelids and thinly lined my lash line with my new Colorbar Ultimate Eye liner in the shade Ultimate Black and lined my waterline with Colorbar Just Smokey Kajal in Just Black. I recently bought these eyeliners and decided to try it on. I love how pigmented they are, and they literally last ALL DAY LONG. I finished the eyes with two coats of Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara to add lots of volume on my lashes.

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter orInstagram @debasree and make sure to come back tomorrow for Look no 4. 

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 Its day 2 of my 7 days 7 Looks series. Tuesdays are much better than Mondays; I am usually up early and have time to dress up a little better than mondays.

The highlights of today's look are the hairstyle and the bottle green, embellished, mandarin collar shirt from ELLE. My bangs are always the first one to get oily on 2nd day hair, so I like to braid them up to the side. To achieve this braid, pull out a small section of hair from where your parting starts, divide it into 3 sections, and start braiding normally. After braiding once, incorporate small sections of hair into the braid only from the front side. Continue incorporating small sections until you reach your ears, then start braiding normally till you run out of hair. Take the braid and pull it towards your crown, make sure you've positioned it right, and secure it with two bobby pins criss-crossing each other. You can pull out hair from your crown to hide the bobby pins so that you can't see where the braid ends. Click here to watch the video tutorial for this hairstyle.

I used the same products on my face and eyes as shown in my previous look. I added a hint of colour on my eyes with the Lakmé Absolute Forever Silk Eye liner in Jaded Mint, which is in the same shade as my shirt, and drew a subtle winged liner on my eyes. This liner is so soft, pigmented and long lasting. You get an opaque line with just one stroke, and it's really easy to draw a winged liner with this since its so soft.

I lined my lips using the Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Berry Rose and filled it in with Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Pink Promise. I love the rosy pink colour achieved using these two products together. I have been really liking matte lipsticks lately because of how long lasting they are. If this shade is too loud for you, you can opt for any nude or pale pink lipstick instead. If you are confused about which nude lipstick to wear, you can read my post on the Top 5 Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin tones and find out one best suited for you.

If you try out the hairstyle or makeup, don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or Instagram @debasree and make sure to come back tomorrow for Look no 3. 
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I will be doing 7 different work makeup looks and hairstyles for 7 days of the week and this is the first instalment of the series.

Let us start with Monday; monday is the day I struggle to wake up. I just can't seem to shake the weekend feeling and always crave an extra 10 minutes of sleep, therefore, I am usually late on monday mornings. I usually have 10 minutes to get ready, and this is the look I wear most often on monday mornings.

I don't recommend using a foundation when you are in a rush, let a BB or a CC cream do the work for you. For this look, I wore the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream as I needed something more than a tinted moisturiser but didn't have time to spend on blending. This cream has excellent coverage, blends very easily, has SPF and stays on the whole day. I brushed on my favourite Rimmel Stay Matte Powder on my T-Zone to tame the excess oil and tossed it in my makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day. This powder is a must have if you have very oily skin. I added a dash of Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush in Fresh Coral to add a hint of colour on my cheeks and make me look alive.

For my eyes I quickly applied  a thin layer of The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadow in Oh Honey just to add a little bit of shimmer onto the eyelids followed by a stroke of Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal in black on my water line and few coats of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara to open up the eyes.Don't forget to curl your lashes before applying the mascara to help your eyes look more awake, I usually forget/skip this step; but even if I have a minute to do my face, I never skip mascara. If your lashes are scarce, tight line your upper waterline with a black kajal to make your lashes appear fuller.

I wore the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Butter in San Paulo on my lips. This shade is just brightening enough without being too loud. It feels very buttery on my lips, despite being matte, and doesn't fadeaway in patches. I like to wear long lasting lipsticks on the first day of the week because I usually have a lot to catch up on the first day back after weekends so except for few breaks here and there I don't really check on my lipsticks very often on Mondays.

It took me less than 10 minutes to do my makeup. Usually there isn't time for me to do my hair on monday morning, so I leave my hair open. I always wash my hair on Sundays, so on Mondays I embrace my natural hair.

I am not very meticulous with my outfits and decide my outfit at the last minute. I went for a very simple pink cotton kurti, inspired by my lipstick. I love wearing kurti to work, especially on mondays as it is a no brainer when you have the right leggings to go along with it. You can never go wrong with a well fitted kurti and leggings.

That was my first look of the series, make sure you check back tomorrow for look no 2. 
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Makeup Buys of the Week

I bought quiet a few products this week, so I thought I would do a mini haul of all the things that I got.  It all started with Loreal Nude Magic Liquid Powder Foundation. I had decided not to buy new bases unless I used up most of my existing foundations, but I cheated and treated myself with a mini birthday gift when Frieha Writes asked me if I had tried the foundation. I decided to try it out, loved it and bought it home. Then, I got carried away into the Colorbar aisle and bought 6 products from them, that's a lot for me, from just 1 brand! I was looking for a good kohl pencil, decided to inspect all the brands and see what everyone had to offer, saw the Just Black Smokey Kajal from Colorbar and bought it in a heartbeat. I didn't need another black liner but when the SA drew a winged liner on me using their felt tip liner I knew this was coming home too. Both the liner and Kohl are matte, super pigmented, waterproof, smudge proof, and long lasting. I was also insanely impressed with their lip liners with sharpeners attached on the cap. Not a novel idea but still genius. They are totally matte, very pigmented, long lasting, was a little drying but thankfully didn't drag on my lips. I got two shades of the Colorbar Lip liners; Berry Rose and Clear Red. I also picked up their velvet matte lipstick in Fuschia Fix which is amazing for it's price, Rs 299/- and a blood red nail polish in the shade Red Diamond. I also picked up the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover because I had read really good reviews on it and wanted one for a long time now. Sally Hansen had a buy 1 get 1 free going on and I decided to seize on the opportunity. I chose two shades from their Diamond Strength range; Honeymoon Red and Pink Promise.  I definitely don't need two similar reds, so I will be gifting the Sally Hansen one to my dear Mumma. Two random picks were the Maybelline Color Show Crayon Kohl in Ocean Blue, and a matte Lakme Absolute Liptick in Pink Passion.

I will be doing swatches and looks using all of the products I bought so make sure you subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss it.
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The Birthday Dress // OOTD

It was my birthday last month and I wore a new dress, ate a lot and had a great day spending time with my family at home. I wore a royal blue pleated A line dress, paired with a beautiful statement necklace, both from Forever21. The colour and fit of this dress pulled me towards in instantly. The neck line seemed very plain so I decided to layer on a statement jewellery. Luckily, I found a piece that looked amazing with dress, alternating dark and blue gems embedded on a thick gold chain. On my feet were the comfiest shoes ever from Clarks, a white chunky heeled sandals. I can walk the whole day wearing these shoes, they are insanely comfortable. I absolutely love the silver chunky heel, that's what made me fall in love with this pair.

I finally opened and used my Naked Palette, I was saving it for a special occasion and my birthday seemed perfect. I will be speaking a lot more about the palette very soon in a different post dedicated solely for the 12 shadows in the palette. I also felt like a bold red lip would be apt for the occasion and wore Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick in Non Stop Red.  I wore Revlon Nail Enamel in Super-Powered to match my dress, and topped it up with glitters in the same colour. Super-Powered is a very sparkly, shimmery navy colour on it's own, but I couldn't help but make my nails extra glittery.

I also did a OOTD post on styling Maxi Dresses, Click here to read and see pictures of my last OOTD post.

Dress : Forever 21
Necklace : Forever 21 
Shoes : Clarks
Lips: Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick in Non Stop Red
Nails: Revlon Nail Enamel in Super-Powered (Spiderman Collection)

Images taken by Mohit Varu for AllSheNeeds.in Visit Mohit Varu photography on Facebook to get in touch. 
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Avène Thermal Spring Water Vs Vichy Thermal Spa Water

What is Thermal Water?
Thermal water is hot water rich in salts, minerals and gases sourced from glaciers, lakes, and rivers, untouched by human hands. Thermal waters have incredible soothing/healing properties and other skin benefits. They are best for treating dry/sensitive skin, eczema, acne, rashes, sun damage etc. There are three types of thermal water; hypertonic (high salts), hypotonic (low salts) and isotonic (same salts as cells and blood). Both the Avène and Vichy thermal waters are hypertonic, packed in pressurised spray cans. 

How I use Thermal Water Sprays.
I like to spray the water on my freshly washed face and immediately put my moisturiser, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, to seal in the moisture. If I am not in a rush, I like to wait a minute or few and then mist my face one more time over the moisturiser. I also use this after sun exposure to heal any sun damage and to cool me down instantly. You could also spray it over your makeup so that it looks very natural and fresh. Other ways to use thermal waters could be after shaving or waxing, exercise, while travelling, and over burns or rashes. I don't touch my face very often, consciously make an effort not too, and thermal sprays are great ways to freshen/nourish skin without touching your skin. 

Vichy Thermal Spa Water  ( 150ml Rs. 650/-) 
This water is sourced from the Auvergne Volcanoes located in Central France, and consists of 15 rare minerals and micro elements. I found that this is very fine and refreshing and it leaves your skin feeling fresh & awake. This water is soothing and hydrating, however the effect doesn't seem to last as long as it's counterpart. I like to use this more as an instant "wake me up" rather than a soothing spray.  This water is saltier, and I get a little tingly sensation whenever I spritz it on my face. I like to use this to wet my cleansing milk, to wet brushes and/or eyeshadows, after exercise and to freshen dull makeup. 

Avène Thermal Spring Water ( 150ml Rs. 1090/-) 
This water is sourced from the southwest Avène region of France, clinically tested, rich in silica and other trace elements, perfect for sensitive skin. This mist soothes, hydrates, and locks in skin's moisture. This is perfect to alleviate dull & dry skin. This could also help you shield your skin against pollution by protecting against free radicals. I find that the water is very moisturising and soothing, and the effect is much more long lasting. It makes my skin feel very soft, supple and less itchy (I get itchy face due to emerging pimples). I have been using this religiously before and after moisturising, and to soothe rashes and sunburns. This can be a little TMI but my legs get super itchy after waxing, when the hair starts growing back. As much as I resist the urge to scratch, sometimes I fail and once I start scratching I can't stop. This often leads to rashes and wounds which leave very ugly scars on my legs. I found out that spraying the Avène spring water all over my legs helps in reducing the itchy sensation, and also soothes the rashes. This water has also helped in calming down my face but I am not sure if it has helped in reducing my acne. 

Why I bought both and which one do I prefer?
I bought both of them because I am very indecisive, and I didn't know which one to buy as both of them seemed very similar. If I had to choose and keep just one of the two, it would be the Avène Thermal Spring water. Even though the Avène one is much more expensive, I think it is better than Vichy, and I will get much more use of this than the later. 

Which one should you buy?
If you are looking for something to soothe your skin after spending long hours outdoor in the sun, travel a lot, have very dry or sensitive skin, or suffer from skin conditions like eczema, flaky or dehydrated skin you should invest in a thermal water spray. You can also use them several times throughout the day if you work in an office or during long haul flights where air conditioning can dehydrate your skin. I would suggest you to invest in the Avène thermal spring water if the price tag doesn't concern you or you have severely sensitive skin. They also have a 50 ml version of the spray can, which is a good way to try the product without shelling out too much, however the 150ml is much more value for money. In case the Avène one doesn't fit your budget, you can try the Vichy thermal spa water as it is very similar. If you want to broaden your horizon and not choose between just these two, you could also try thermal water sprays from La Roche Posay, Uriage, and Caudalie.

You can find Avène and Vichy online at Nyka.com 
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