Avène Thermal Spring Water Vs Vichy Thermal Spa Water

What is Thermal Water?
Thermal water is hot water rich in salts, minerals and gases sourced from glaciers, lakes, and rivers, untouched by human hands. Thermal waters have incredible soothing/healing properties and other skin benefits. They are best for treating dry/sensitive skin, eczema, acne, rashes, sun damage etc. There are three types of thermal water; hypertonic (high salts), hypotonic (low salts) and isotonic (same salts as cells and blood). Both the Avène and Vichy thermal waters are hypertonic, packed in pressurised spray cans. 

How I use Thermal Water Sprays.
I like to spray the water on my freshly washed face and immediately put my moisturiser, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, to seal in the moisture. If I am not in a rush, I like to wait a minute or few and then mist my face one more time over the moisturiser. I also use this after sun exposure to heal any sun damage and to cool me down instantly. You could also spray it over your makeup so that it looks very natural and fresh. Other ways to use thermal waters could be after shaving or waxing, exercise, while travelling, and over burns or rashes. I don't touch my face very often, consciously make an effort not too, and thermal sprays are great ways to freshen/nourish skin without touching your skin. 

Vichy Thermal Spa Water  ( 150ml Rs. 650/-) 
This water is sourced from the Auvergne Volcanoes located in Central France, and consists of 15 rare minerals and micro elements. I found that this is very fine and refreshing and it leaves your skin feeling fresh & awake. This water is soothing and hydrating, however the effect doesn't seem to last as long as it's counterpart. I like to use this more as an instant "wake me up" rather than a soothing spray.  This water is saltier, and I get a little tingly sensation whenever I spritz it on my face. I like to use this to wet my cleansing milk, to wet brushes and/or eyeshadows, after exercise and to freshen dull makeup. 

Avène Thermal Spring Water ( 150ml Rs. 1090/-) 
This water is sourced from the southwest Avène region of France, clinically tested, rich in silica and other trace elements, perfect for sensitive skin. This mist soothes, hydrates, and locks in skin's moisture. This is perfect to alleviate dull & dry skin. This could also help you shield your skin against pollution by protecting against free radicals. I find that the water is very moisturising and soothing, and the effect is much more long lasting. It makes my skin feel very soft, supple and less itchy (I get itchy face due to emerging pimples). I have been using this religiously before and after moisturising, and to soothe rashes and sunburns. This can be a little TMI but my legs get super itchy after waxing, when the hair starts growing back. As much as I resist the urge to scratch, sometimes I fail and once I start scratching I can't stop. This often leads to rashes and wounds which leave very ugly scars on my legs. I found out that spraying the Avène spring water all over my legs helps in reducing the itchy sensation, and also soothes the rashes. This water has also helped in calming down my face but I am not sure if it has helped in reducing my acne. 

Why I bought both and which one do I prefer?
I bought both of them because I am very indecisive, and I didn't know which one to buy as both of them seemed very similar. If I had to choose and keep just one of the two, it would be the Avène Thermal Spring water. Even though the Avène one is much more expensive, I think it is better than Vichy, and I will get much more use of this than the later. 

Which one should you buy?
If you are looking for something to soothe your skin after spending long hours outdoor in the sun, travel a lot, have very dry or sensitive skin, or suffer from skin conditions like eczema, flaky or dehydrated skin you should invest in a thermal water spray. You can also use them several times throughout the day if you work in an office or during long haul flights where air conditioning can dehydrate your skin. I would suggest you to invest in the Avène thermal spring water if the price tag doesn't concern you or you have severely sensitive skin. They also have a 50 ml version of the spray can, which is a good way to try the product without shelling out too much, however the 150ml is much more value for money. In case the Avène one doesn't fit your budget, you can try the Vichy thermal spa water as it is very similar. If you want to broaden your horizon and not choose between just these two, you could also try thermal water sprays from La Roche Posay, Uriage, and Caudalie.

You can find Avène and Vichy online at Nyka.com