The intricate designs, the smell, the colour, its all of these that really excites me about henna. A few days ago I had an urge to apply Mehendi, out of nowhere. Well maybe because I found out that there is a mehendi artist who sits very close to my home, and I saw a few mehendi clad ladies during Karwa chauth.

I like the colour of wet henna rather than the actual colour/stain. I read that the colour/intensity of the stain depends on the thickness and the heat emitted from your skin. I have really thin skin on my palms, so I never really had dark stained mehendi.

It's all fun and pretty until the stain starts coming off slowly. I despise the discoloured patchy lines when the stain starts to fade away. It makes my hands look so mucky.

Nevertheless, my love for henna still stands strong, and I feel that this is a very beautiful tradition that we have.

Have you ever had mehendi drawn?
If so, do you prefer simple one strand designs like the back of my hand or mehendi all over your palm?