I have talked about a lot of face masks here, a DIY one, masks for blemishes, sensitive skin etc, but I just realised I haven't shared one thing that I used along with them, The Body Shop Luxury Flannel. I use this almost every time I have a face mask on, which is at least once a week.

Contrary to it's name, this is not made out of flannel, but some latex/neoprene sort of material, which is very stretchy, soft and silky. I think wash cloths in general are called flannel in British English, maybe that's why it was named this way. That being said, the wash cloth is very luxurious indeed, and very essential in my skin care routine.

The cloth becomes stiff, and rigid when it's completely dry, but when the cloth is placed under lukewarm water, it turns very soft. The cloth dries off incredibly fast and is apparently anti bacterial. This was one of my biggest concern, since this was something I was going to apply directly onto my face, and since it's reusable, meant that I had to wash it, and if it took too long to dry it could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

This cloth is amazing to remove tenacious face masks, especially clay masks.  Before I had this, I had to literally rub my skin to get rid of all the clay mask out of my face, but this cloth removes everything instantly. It is almost like a sponge, so instantly hydrates all off the mask at once and removes all the mask residue once you swipe cloth on your face. It does not tag, drag or pull on your skin, rather glides on very smoothly.

You could also use this cloth to take off makeup effectively using any cleansing oil, like almond, olive or even baby oil. I use the body shop chamomile silky cleansing oil to remove my makeup and you can see my entire cleansing routine in this video. Apply a little bit of the cleansing oil all over you face, massage it in to break down all of the makeup, use this cloth ( after it has been wet in lukewarm water and excess water squeezed out) to swipe of all the cleansing oil off your face. This cloth is literally like a magnet, it will pull out all your makeup. Yes, even those pesky waterproof mascara, and kajal from your bottom lash line. This could save you loads of dirty cotton pads. The damp cloth also feels really refreshing on the skin.

Since the wash cloth is pearl white, it does get stained very easily over time. I make sure that I wash it well after every use,  after a few uses it does get stained with kajal, foundation, lipstick, and turmeric from my DIY anti-acne face mask. If you hand wash the cloth with a gentle yet effective soap, the stains come off, but over time the stains do show up in the cloth.  I am not very concerned with this, since this is for my personal use only and I don't share it with anyone so it doesn't matter that much that it's not white any more.

I found it difficult to hang this cloth as it turns crisp, when dry, and falls off of hooks. So, I hang it on a hanger, but after a month or so of hanging it, the cloth had a small tear in the centre, because of the tension created. It didn't get in the way of my cleansing routine or anything, it's just that the cloth doesn't look as aesthetic as it does when brand new.

This is priced at Rs 400, which is very affordable, and great for anyone who has sensitive skin, or if you feel removing makeup is a chore. I highly recommend that you add this to your skincare arsenal!