Try out this easy and beautiful dutch + fishtail braid. Perfect for school, college or work.


Easy Hairstyle for work/college  http://goo.gl/SxPyrB
Easy Party/Festive Hairstyle  http://goo.gl/g5JNOj

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I have been #feelingspendy these few weeks and bought quite a few makeup and skincare products from The Body Shop New wild Argan oil range, BioDerma, the new Effaclar duo + and much more.

  Links Mentioned in the Video

Bioderma Demo/Skin Care routine http://bit.ly/1vahzzN

Fleur's Video http://bit.ly/1zpDdhD

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Top 5 Dark Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tone

As the weather turns colder, the darker lipsticks starts taking over my corals and pinks. As a teenager I use to associate these colours only with something like my mom and her friends would wear, but as I turn older, and hopefully wiser, I am starting to love and appreciate darker colours. Something about them is so sexy and they have the old school charm to them.

From a sultry to a very vampy look the choices are endless with these shades, and I am sharing my top 5 picks that would look best on Indian skin tone.

The Rimmel  London Lipstick in cutting edge is an absolutely bargain at only Rs 215. It is a beautiful purple with a pink hue which is very similar to Rebel. I love the formula of this lipsticks, it's semi-matte, creamy and long lasting. The colour stains your lips, so even though you eat your lipstick up the colour doesn't fade. Like I said, these lipsticks are absolute steals.

Up next is the Faces Canada Lipstick in Black Cherry, which is a reddish brown colour with a very creamy formula. This colour will look fantastic on dusky skin and it won't even break your wallet. Priced at Rs 250, and being long lasting, enriched with vitamin E, and sleek packaging, this lipstick is yet another bargain.

The Maybelline Jewels in Red garnet is a rich, deep plum shade which will make you feel like a diva instantly. This is the shade you would want to wear on a winter date. It is so rich, velvety, and pigmented. Since the lipstick has the consistency of a balm the lipstick doesn't stay on for too long, but the colour stains your lips and you get the "just bitten my lips" look. This would look great on any skin tone.

Last but not the least we have Maybelline 14 hours Super Stay in Timeless Crimson. This is a dark red lipstick (almost maroon) with a blue undertone. This colour is the best during autumn and winter, will look great on any skin tone, and is very affordable at Rs 350.

I have a full tutorial on the Mac Rebel lipstick, so you can check out the look of it in this tutorial. I also shared a dupe for this lipstick as Mac has increased the price of their lipstick from Rs 999 to Rs 1499/-.

If dark lipsticks aren't your cup of tea, click here read my post on Top 5 nude lipsticks for Indian Skin tone
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The Sunday Vlog

Behind the scenes to an early morning photoshoot, traveling in the mumbai locals and a sneak peak to an upcoming video!

Click here to travel with me to Assam in my previous vlog

P.S: Links to the pictures and video are coming soon. 
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I have a very exciting post today, I have collaborated with Aakriti Rana who is a fashion blogger at La Chica Loca Blog. Not only is she absolutely stunning but also a sweat heart with an incredible sense of styling. I love going through her Instagram gallery and can't stop myself from double tapping each and every one of her pictures. I love how edgy and chic her style is, she is a true fashionista.

I usually only do makeup looks but leave the styling part out but today I have teamed up with Aakriti to show you two makeup looks and a hairstyle to go along with the look that she has styled.

I am absolutely in love with wearing monochrome these days with a pop of bright colour on my lips, so when I saw her outfit, I knew we had to do a bright lip. I kept the eyes fairly simple by drawing a quick winged liner using the Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner in Ultimate black to line my upper lashes with a golden base ( you can use any golden eyeshadow you like and pat it over your entire eyelids) Draw a line as close to your lash line and then draw a flick starting from your lower lashes and moving towards the end of your eyebrows. Draw an isosceles triangle pulling the line inwards and you've got yourself a perfect winged liner. Curl your lashes and add tons of mascara, here I used the Maybelline The Falsies mascara. To highlight the eyes add a little bit of a shimmery white shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and on the brow bone. For the bright pop of colour I chose a beautiful bright fuchsia pink from the Rimmel Apocalips range in the shade Apocalyptic. I love how long lasting and easy to wear this one is.   

Inspired by her beautiful Zara heels, I decided to do another makeup look using an eye pencil in the same shade. I used the Maybelline Colour Crayon in Ocean Blue to line my lashes, I used the same technique as the winged liner but with out any eyeshadow under. I used the same mascara, and finished the look with the new Revlon Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights

For a casual look you can leave your hair down, but if you'd like a more formal look you can throw your hair in a messy bun. I will be posting a full tutorial on this hairstyle so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel here.


Here's what she has to say about her outfit

So my today’s look is all about being semi-formal. Ever had those days when you have to go to office and still wan to dress up and look gorgeous in those boring formals? Well I have a perfect solution for that. I have picked a simple b/w striped maxi from Billa Bong and wore it with a black Zara blazer. To make it look a little funky, I added some silver accessories, contrasting Zara heels and carried a barrel bag by DKNY.

You can check out and follow all of Aakriti's amazing work here:

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I found her through the explore page (which I didn't like at first and wanted popular page back, but now in love with) and I am hooked ever since. The first picture with the red lipstick is what I saw first. All her pictures are drool worthy and it is taking some serious will power to resist sharing all of her instagram pictures here, I had plan to just share one but I think let's stick to 2.
I love all her product recommendations and she has a mix of both high end and drugstore makeup. She also throws in OOTD posts as well which are as drool worthy as her product posts.

A photo posted by @gsoleng on

A photo posted by @gsoleng on

She is a very pretty 22 year old Norwegian Girl, who posts beautiful pictures of her makeup haul and they are mostly high end, this account is my gateway to looking at all the new collections and launches from some of the best high end beauty brands like Channel, Tom Ford etc

A bubbly Singaporean beauty blogger with amazing swatches of almost all of the latest launch of all major beauty products. She is such an enabler, I am relieved that some of the brands she mentions aren't available in India yet, or else I would have been broke and in debt buying nothing but makeup.

Although her account is in French and I don't understand a single word of it, I have double tapped almost all her pictures. She has the best (read bestest!) nail swatches, nail arts, and nail of the days. I can literally scroll through her account for hours, she is amazing. She has this beautiful tutorials of her nail art in GIFs which dissolves the language barrier and shows you how she creates such awesomeness.

 I might be cheating with this one, but I am not the best when it comes to styling and I am always looking for inspiration and this account is one of the first one that I go to. All the outfits they show are always right up my alley and they always have a complete look, meaning it not only includes the outfit but also the hairstyle to go along with it, the makeup, lipstick, accessories, shoes, bag, everything!. They also have cheaper options for celebrity looks.

So these are the top 5 beauty accounts that you can follow, like and share with your friends. These are few of the accounts that I love browsing through, and I am always looking for new instagrammers to follow, so please let me know who your favourite is in the comments down bellow.

You can also follow me @debasreee if you like :)
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Oiling my hair is one of my weekend rituals and I always do it whenever I spend my day in.  I apply two of my favourite oils, Olive and Coconut oil. I mix 2 tablespoon of each in a small bowl and heat it for around 30 seconds.

I apply the oil on my scalp first using a cotton ball. I part my hair in sections starting from the middle and then going sideways sectioning small sections at a time. Using the cotton ball, soaked in oil, I gently press it on my scalp and then repeat this step all over my head.

Once the scalp is done, I like to take whatever is remaining on my palms and apply it on the ends of my hair. I like to massage my scalp for at least 10 minutes to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. This feels best when someone else does it for you. I always fall asleep whenever my mum massages my head.

Then, I take a clean towel, wet it in hot water, squeeze out the excess, and wrap it around my hair tilll the towel turns cold. This really helps the oil penetrate into my hair and leaves my hair feeling extremely soft. You can also use a shower cap instead of a wet towel. The shower cap will retain the heat and will almost work in the same way as the towel. I prefer doing it with a towel.

This can be a little tricky to shampoo, so you need to wash your hair at least twice to get rid of all the oil. You can also add Almond oil to the mixture to make it more nourishing and it will also help in getting rid of dandruff. You can add and delete a lot from this and make it suit your hair type. This combination works best for normal to dry hair.

Doing this regularly will seriously help your hair to be healthier, longer, softer and reduce hair fall. Do let me know if you try this out.

Do you oil your hair?
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It's that time of the month again, when I assemble up some of my favourite products for you and this time around I have clubbed the last two months because, I haven't changed my skincare/makeup routine and I didn't want to put up a video with just one or two products.

Have you tried anything new this month? 
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Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protection Spray

Last time I wrote about The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel, something I use a lot but never mentioned here. I dug into my stash to see if I was missing something else and I had a eureka moment. Ahh!! How have I not talked about my heat protection spray?

I found this stashed on the shelves of my local grocery store and decided to buy it. This seemed very similar to the Tressemé Heat Protection spray. I have tried it only once from a friend who got it from Dubai very recently. When I bought the Sunsilk keratinology heat protection spray, I had only heard of the Tressemé one and seen a lot of beauty gurus on youtube using it. The packaging and aesthetics of the Sunsilk one is very similar to that of Tressemé's heat protection spray.

I like to spray this on each section of hair separated to straighten or curl, starting from my ear and till the end. I like to use this before applying any direct heat into my hair, i.e. a flat iron or a curler. You could also use this before you blow dry, or even if you aren't heat styling to de-frizz and protect your hair from sun damage. I use the Kerastase Nectar Thermique before blow drying.

I use heat tools only if it's absolutely necessary. I am really impressed with this product and I think it does exactly what it's supposed to do. If you use heat tools very frequently, no matter how much protection you take, you will eventually get split ends and nothing but a trim will remove them, but if you use them rarely with heat protection you can prevent a lot of heat damage. My hair feels very silky once I spray this on and it helps the flat iron glide on very smoothly. It doesn't make my hair crunchy or rough like some heat protection gels I have used before.

The spray nozzle helps in spreading the serum evenly all over my hair, and I do use a comb to help coat all the hair with it and wait for at least 30 seconds before I use any heat tool. However, the spray nozzle of the first bottle stopped working and I still had half of the product inside. I had to repurchase a new one just for the nozzle, but thankfully this one hasn't had any problems yet.

The best part about this product is that that it is only for Rs 400 and available almost in every departmental stores. If you use heat tools very frequently, without any protection then I would highly recommend spraying this before you apply any heat. Since, it is very affordable and will save your hair in the long run, you should give this one a go.

Do you use any heat protectant before heat styling?

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My 1st Vlog | Travel With Me To Assam.

Travel with me to Assam. I put together snippets from my short trip home for my brother's wedding, back in May 2014. I was really nervous about putting this up, but I am very glad that I did. I would love to vlog more often, but talking to a camera in front of people who don't get it is really scary. I hope I get over the fear, after all we must do one thing that scares us everyday. 

Let me know about your thoughts on vlogs in the comments below!.. 
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