I found her through the explore page (which I didn't like at first and wanted popular page back, but now in love with) and I am hooked ever since. The first picture with the red lipstick is what I saw first. All her pictures are drool worthy and it is taking some serious will power to resist sharing all of her instagram pictures here, I had plan to just share one but I think let's stick to 2.
I love all her product recommendations and she has a mix of both high end and drugstore makeup. She also throws in OOTD posts as well which are as drool worthy as her product posts.

A photo posted by @gsoleng on

A photo posted by @gsoleng on

She is a very pretty 22 year old Norwegian Girl, who posts beautiful pictures of her makeup haul and they are mostly high end, this account is my gateway to looking at all the new collections and launches from some of the best high end beauty brands like Channel, Tom Ford etc

A bubbly Singaporean beauty blogger with amazing swatches of almost all of the latest launch of all major beauty products. She is such an enabler, I am relieved that some of the brands she mentions aren't available in India yet, or else I would have been broke and in debt buying nothing but makeup.

Although her account is in French and I don't understand a single word of it, I have double tapped almost all her pictures. She has the best (read bestest!) nail swatches, nail arts, and nail of the days. I can literally scroll through her account for hours, she is amazing. She has this beautiful tutorials of her nail art in GIFs which dissolves the language barrier and shows you how she creates such awesomeness.

 I might be cheating with this one, but I am not the best when it comes to styling and I am always looking for inspiration and this account is one of the first one that I go to. All the outfits they show are always right up my alley and they always have a complete look, meaning it not only includes the outfit but also the hairstyle to go along with it, the makeup, lipstick, accessories, shoes, bag, everything!. They also have cheaper options for celebrity looks.

So these are the top 5 beauty accounts that you can follow, like and share with your friends. These are few of the accounts that I love browsing through, and I am always looking for new instagrammers to follow, so please let me know who your favourite is in the comments down bellow.

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