The body shop new lip and cheek geisha doll
The body shop lip and cheek doll

The body shop has launched a limited edition packaging of one of their cult products, the lip and cheek stains, and it is beyond CUTE! I think it is a part of their new christmas makeup range and this is a new shade of red with tiny gold glitters in it.

The shade is a very natural flush of red, that instantly sticks onto your lips or cheeks and stains them. The stain is very watery so when you apply it, it just colours your lips and/or cheeks and doesn't feel sticky or moisturising and also dries down matte; You will almost forget that you have something on your lips. The tiny flecks of golden glitter in the stain catches the light beautifully and the matte finish doesn't look flat because of that.

So here's what you need to know;

On the Lips..

The stain is very pigmented so you need to make sure that you've applied it inside your lips and the small doe foot applicator does come handy when it comes to doing that. You can draw your cupid's bow quite precisely with it, but it is a bit small when it comes to filling the lips, but it's nothing to worry about.

The stain is darker on the lightest part of your lips, which for me is in the centre of my bottom lip, and it is lighter on the darker parts of my lips, which are the outer edges and my top lip. Therefore, it seems to appear very uneven and patchy on my lips. If you look closely at the close up picture of my lips down below, you can see exactly what I mean. When the stain dries down, it looks much better than when wet on the lips.

The stain is very watery and dries really quickly so you need to make sure you've applied it evenly onto your lips, I like to dab on the stain using the doe foot on my lips and then use my finger to smudge it evenly. Nonetheless, the finish of the stain is like you've just bitten your lips, which looks very natural and pretty. It will be perfect for someone who doesn't wear makeup very often. Also, this can be an amazing base if you wish to wear red lipstick for a special event and you don't want the colour to fade, or don't have time for a touch up.

Since, the pigments stain the lips, it stays on very long. I am a massive lip biter and I tend to eat up lipsticks very quickly, but no matter how much I smacked my lips, the stain didn't leave. It did get lighter by the end of the day and I had to reapply after eating to brighten the red up.
Oh! lastly, make sure you moisten your lips before you stain them, I've learned the hard way.

the body shop lip and cheek stain doll review and swatches
the body shop lip and cheek doll stain review and swatches
the body shop lip and cheek doll from their new christmass makeup range,

On the Cheeks...

Apply a very small amount of the stain onto the apples your cheeks and blend it all in using your fingers. A lot of the stain transfers onto your finger, so be careful or else it might spread to places you do not want the blusher at. Since the stain dries quickly, you need to spread and blend it quickly so that there are no hard edges. 
You will get a gorgeous flush of colour on your cheek, very natural looking, like you just ran a 5k track. It gives a very healthy and radiant finish, and I think I like it more on my cheeks than on my lips. 
It could also be a fantastic base if you want a long lasting blush. You can simply use this on your cheeks before you do your foundation or BB cream and then apply your blush over it. It will last all day long. This will be perfect to achieve the no makeup makeup look. 

The body shop lip and cheek stain doll review
I tried to imitate the model here, with the top knot and the pout but failed miserably!! Sadly, the bun got cropped out, and I look nothing like her. :P

The body shop lip and cheek doll is priced at Rs 1495/- for 28ml. I think it is a bit on the pricey side, considering it being very similar to the original lip and cheek stain, which is priced at Rs 850/- for 8ml. If you notice the difference in the volume, I guess the price makes sense. You can buy it online by clicking here.
This would be a perfect gift for your friends, cousins, or maybe someone who is in high school or college and isn't allowed to wear much makeup, or as a stocking filler. This would be a perfect christmas stocking filler. Plus, it will look really nice and cute on your/their dressing table as well. Just saying. ;)

What are your thoughts on lip and cheek stains? Talk to me in the comment section below. :)

The Lip and Cheek Doll is a PR sample from The Body Shop India. All opinions are my own and a 100% honest.