Bioderma Review
Bioderma, Price Rs 860/- 250ml and Rs 599/- 100ml

The word micelle always reminds me of my chemistry classes, back in my biotechnology days. I remember always exampling detergents and how it cleans the dirt off our clothes forming micelles in a colloidal solution, if only I knew of bioderma back then I would have written the process of this one instead. Sometimes I wish I had done a course on cosmetic chemistry instead of biotechnology; I would have been making lipsticks or  formulating hair dyes some where in the world. I have no regrets though, I ABSOLUTELY love what I am doing now, writing blogs and making videos for the Youtube.

If you are wondering what micelles are then here’s all you need to know. They are molecules that have a very affinity to bind with oil, grease and dirt and form a “micelle” with them which can be very easily washed off with water. Oil and water are insoluble with water, micelle molecules makes them soluble. These molecules work very fast, which is why you’ll find them in makeup removers nowadays and detergents, like I mentioned earlier.

Bioderma has literally revolutionised the world of makeup removers. It has completely won over and moved aside the bi-phased makeup removers which were once ruling the shelves. It works incredibly fast and feels just water. You’ll only need a small amount on your cotton pad and place onto your eyes or lips for at least 10-20 seconds to break down all your makeup. It doesn’t an excellent job of removing stubborn and persistent makeup like waterproof mascaras, lipsticks, and kohl in one single swipe. I love taking tiny bit of bioderma on a q-tip and use that to perfect my winged liner or lipstick. 

This cleansers in perfect for those who have extremely sensitive, eczema or acne prone skin since it is very gentle and won't aggravate your skin.    

Places to find Bioderma in India:

What is your favourite makeup remover? 
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This one is for those of you with extremely dry and dehydrated skin; Familiar with the itchy sensation you get post shaving? This is the only body butter that has actually stopped me from scratching my legs over and over again when those prickly 2nd day hair comes out. 

The body shop hemp body butter, like all TBS body butters, comes in a plastic tub and is mint green in colour. I am not particularly fond of the fragrance, but thankfully it doesn’t linger and you don’t have to smell like ‘hemp’ the whole day. 

In case you’re wondering if hemp is really what you think it is, then yes, this body butter is actually made out of cannabis leaves. I was very skeptical at first, but then I did a bit of digging, and found out that these are made up of community fair trade hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is extremely moisturising and it actually locks in the moisture for the longest time. It has long been added to products made specifically for very dry skin.

The butter is extremely thick, that’s why it is takes a little effort to spread it onto your legs and arms. It’s easier to spread the butter when you are freshly out of a hot shower or bath, and that’s also the best time for you to you generously spread this all over your body as all your pores are open and it will absorb the oils faster and will lock it in.  I am honestly blown away with the results, and I think this is going to be ‘the’ winter body butter for me. The body butter will be only suitable for those with very dry skin, places with very harsh winters. or someone who gets very dry, flaky and itchy skin post hair removal. 

You can also read my review on the hemp hand protecter for dry hands and cuticles, here
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Foolproof Way To Make Your Eyelashes Stay Curled All Day

It's all about the heat. Just like you use a heat tool to straighten or curl your hair, you can heat up your eye lash curler and then use it to curl your lashes. This will ensure that you get a beautiful, long lasting curl.

There are several ways you can heat up your eyelash curler, and using a blow drier is one of them. I like to set the blow drier on the highest setting, blast the hot air on both the sides of the curler for 1o-20 seconds each and then wait for it to cool down for another 10-20 seconds. Make sure that you check the temperature of the curler on the back of your hands to make sure that you don't burn your eyes. Be very careful when you heat up the curler, do not heat it up more than 20 seconds.

Once the curler is at the optimum temperature, go ahead and curl your lashes like you normally would and apply your favourite mascara. Voila! you've got long lasting eyelash curls in less than a minute.

If you don't own a blow drier, you'll get similar results by dipping the eye lash curler in a glass of warm water for around 30 seconds.

This technique will be a life saviour for those of you who have hard to curl or extremely straight lashes. If you find your lashes going back straight even after you've applied mascara, try this trick and share the results with me in the comments down below.  
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Watch me demonstrate and review the new Maybelline total clean express eye and lip makeup remover in this video.

You can also read my full review on the makeup remover here

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10 Quotes That Will Motivate You Today

My pinterest board is full of motivational quotes and going through them really pushes me to be more productive and be a better person than I was yesterday. So, today I thought I'd share some of my favourite quotes with you guys. These quotes are the ones are the one that I wake up to every single day because I have printed them out and hanged them on my wall.

I would love to link back and credit the original creators of the pictures, but I have picked them up via pinterest so I am not sure who the real creator is. If you know any of the creators, please link it down in the comments.

Please share your favourite motivational quote with me :)
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I shared my top 5 red lipsticks and I hope this video helps you in finding the red lipstick for you if you are looking forward to buying one. The lipsticks I shared are of varying price range and there's one for every budget.

You can also check out my posts on Top 5 Pink/Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones and Top 5 Dark Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones.

Let me know your favourite red lipstick in the comments down below. :)
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Loreal has very recently launched their collection stars pure reds range which has 7 different red toned lipsticks to suit every skin tone, from bold oranges to fuschia pinks and bright reds. The collection star range caters to all ages and skin tones. I know if I buy Sonam's Red for my mom, she'd love it, and my sister will love Blake's red (I love her red too, btw). When I went to check out the collection and swatched all the shades on me, Pure Amaranthe was the shade that stood out the most on me.

The collection star pure reds lipsticks comes in an attractive black and gold packaging, and there is a plastic window on the body which coordinates the colour of the lipstick, which is very helpful in recognising and organising the shades.

The formula and colour of these lipsticks are custom made for each of the stars they represent. Pure Amaranthe is the Chinese Actress Gong Li's red (I didn't know who she was before this range came out) and it is a vivid fuchsia pink with a red undertone.  They go on super smoothly, but you get an opaque application after two swatches on my lips. These lipsticks are well pigmented, and these will leave a creamy, lustrous, and matte finish on your lips. Even though the lipsticks are well pigmented, they don't bleed or feather out of your lips.

These lipsticks are do last long on my lips. The creaminess fades away after a few hours, but the stain lingers on your lips for a couple of hours more. You need to be a little careful when you wear the lipstick as it can easily transfer onto your teeth or your tea mug.

The Loreal Collection Star Pure Reds are available in 7 shades and are priced at Rs 995 each.

You can see me wear this lipstick in this video..

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If you've watched this makeup and skincare haul video then you might have already heard me talk about this, and here is a detailed review for it.

The body shop vitamin E aqua boost sorbet comes in a heavy, frosted glass container and is a new addition to the one of their best selling Vitamin E range.

This cream has a very gel like consistency which is very easily absorbed into the skin and feels extremely light. The smell of this cream is very different for the already existing vitamin E range, and everyone might not like this scent. I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent when I first took a whiff of it, but the scent kind of grew on me and it smells very soothing to me now.

You will feel a very cooling sensation when you apply the cream. The feeling is genuinely cooling and it's not one of those menthol-y, tingly sensations. This has shea butter, soya oil and vitamin E in it, which leaves my skin extremely hydrated and you can actually see the difference on your skin after you use this for at least one week. My skin looks (and feels) very fresh, as if I've drunk 8 litres of water the entire day.

I was actually a little skeptical about the product as it is made up of shea butter; I have very oily skin, and shea butter is usually found in products for dry skin. However, the cream doesn't leave my skin feeling oily at all.

The Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet can be found online here  and is priced at Rs 1195/-
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My mom is an avid baker and she loves concocting new dishes. She made this beautiful marble cake and I luckily documented the entire process to share it with you. I hope you like it, and try it out soon. 

8 eggs
3 cups Maida (or All purpose flour)
2 cups sugar (powdered)
2 cups vegetable oil
1/5 cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
400 gram fresh cream
Optional: Nuts, raisin, and almonds.

Sieve the flour with the baking powder at least 5 times.
Separate the flour into half and then add cocoa powder to one half.
Separate the egg whites and yolks. 
Beat the egg white until it turns white and stiff
Add the powdered sugar, oil and vanilla extract into the egg yolk and beat it until it turns creamy, almost like a custard like consistency.
Separate the egg yolk mixture into half and then add the flour with cocoa powder into it, one table spoon at a time.
Add half the stiff egg white mixture into it, followed by half of the fresh cream.
Add the plain flour into the half of the egg yolk mixture, one table spoon at a time, followed by the egg white and cream.
Add half of the nuts and raisins into the chocolate mixture and keep rest for later.
Grease the cake tin and then dust it with plain flour.
Pre heat the oven for 10 minutes.
Pour the plain cake batter first, followed by the chocolate batter.
Take a fork and swirl the two batters together to create an interesting pattern.
Add the remaining nuts and raisins on top of the cake.
Bake the cake in for 50 minutes at 175 degrees C.

Let me know if you try it out soon :)
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The garnier pure active apricot face scrub comes in a squeezable, plastic tube which is very travel friendly and hygienic as you don't have to dig in your fingers into the tub to take out the product each time.  It has real apricot micro beads (1500 of them, to be precise), to exfoliate your skin, and the beads are neither too abrasive that it hurts when you rub it against your skin nor too subtle that you hardly realise that  there's anything at all. The scrub is gentle enough to be used every single day, however if you have sensitive skin, I'd recommend that you use it only once or twice a week. Exfoliating sensitive skin too often can irritate the skin and lead to allergies. This scrub is also also scented, which I am not the biggest fan off, but if you don't mind strong smelling facial cleansers, this might not be something to worry about for you.

I have used this for a few weeks now and I did not find any noticeable difference on how glowy my skin looked, but it does feel extremely smooth, fresh, and my skin didn't feel dried out. It also cleanses the skin quite nicely. If you have very persistent blackheads, you might not feel an observable difference in them, but if you have very little blackheads, or blocked pores due to excessive sebum build up, this will remove them well. If you want extremely deep pore cleansing then this scrub isn't the one for you, as it will only help in removing the oldest dead skin layer of your skin (which it does a pretty good job of).

Do you exfoliate your skin every day?

This product is a PR sample, all views and opinions are my own.
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I discovered few pics in my laptop which were taken back in the summer of 2014 and couldn't wait for summer to come around once again for me to share them. I loved pairing my tan bag from Forever 21 with my Nude wedges from Ginger, all summer long. I have literally carried this bag every single day,  I have also made a what's in my bag video featuring this bag.

What I am wearing:

Pants: Mango
Shoes: Ginger
Bag: Forever 21
Earrings: Ginger
Watch: Hugo Boss

Images taken by Mohit Varu for Visit Mohit Varu photography on Facebook to get in touch. 
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Two quick and easy hairstyles for work, college, or for workouts. These hairstyles are really sturdy so you could wear it when you go jogging, or you have only 5 minutes to get ready!
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Learning to Walk.

I used to love bath time.

Putting random stuff into my mouth was my favourite passtime

Very happy after being able to bite the random stuff for as long as I wanted to. 

Caught red handed trying to take down cloths from my mom's wardrobe to try on and throw everything that came in the way.

My inner Miley Cyrus pouring out. 
One of my favourite dresses.
OOTD (Mom's Creation)

OOTD (Ghaghra from Rajasthan)
OOTD (Another one of my fav dresses)
OOTD (with my swag on)
OOTD (Obligatory Traditional Darjeeling Picture)
The lady who took care of me when mommy was away/busy. Her name was Sukhi, and I still remember/miss her.
Siblings bonding inside Taj Mahal
And I am really excited about the cow's ears.
At a Fancy Dress Party, if you can guess who I went as, I'll send you a gift, I promise. It's not easy to guess, let me warn you though.
I had a Doll cake. 
Very excited about the foam deer. 
Those awkward teen days. That specs though. 
Mercury was the wing that I was a member of in my school (Proud Mercurian) and this was a cultural program, dancing with my friend Trisha to a Bengali song called "Alow amar Alow"
This was Parents Day. I forgot which song were we dancing to though. 
I sang too, very badly, but I did. If I remember correctly we sang to Michael Learn's To Rock's Take Me To your Heart. I think I still remember the lyrics. Or it might have been a song with the word "guiding star" in it. It is this song. I don't know. Anyways, can you spot the heavy dose of highlighter in our faces. Lord Almighty!! 
Playing/posing with Sukhi, and sitting on my paternal grandma's lap when I was 2 months old. 
For more Throwback, check out my Instagram (@debasreee)

What was your favourite childhood memory?
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