In 2014, I decided that I shall start reading again, I think I did read quite a lot this past year, so I thought I would share all the books I read this year and share my favourite ones. Hope you like this and I hope it inspires some of you too read more often.

As much as I love the feel (and the smell) of physical books, reading on my iPad is just more portable and feasible, without bulking up my bag.  Even though I have physical versions of some of the books here, I still preferred reading them on my iPad, especially on long train journeys in the Mumbai locals.

These amount of books might not seem a lot too a lot of you, or might seem like a lot, depends on your liking, but these books were the most I could have time for. I must admit though, for some of the books I actually took my iPad everywhere I went, just so that I could finish them ( yes, even to the loo), but a few of them I just read them when I was in trains or in a flight. I prefer reading during traveling as it just makes me pass the time better, quicker and it makes me relax during the journeys.

I really liked the look of the old iBook better than the new iOS8 version, something about the wooden rack looked so nice, I like the sleek white version as well, but the wooden one was much better.

Even Mr Mark Zuckerberg has planned on reading more books this year and there is a facebook page created to follow and discuss all the books that he is going to read, called "A year of Books".

Anyways, lets get into the books that I read this year. The first picture is of the books that I read earlier in the year and the second has all the books that I read in the second half. It is really difficult for me to decide my favourite book from all of the ones that I read, but I'll still try.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
When I said earlier that there were few books which made me take my iPad to the loo, I meant this one. This was such a page turner, I had to know what was happening in the plot at all times, and had to finish the book asap. I think this was one of the most gripping book I have ever read and I am happy that they made a movie out of it so that the people who don't read get to know the story as well. The book is MUCH better though, in my opinion. Please read this book.

Inferno by Dan Brown
Speaking of movies, I am sure this one is going to quickly become a movie as well, because reading this novel was like imagining a movie in my head. It had all the elements of a Dan Brown novel, an intriguing plot, a strong female character, the city of Florence, mystery, and of course Mr Robert Langdon. If you are a fan of his work, you will love this one.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
I was gifted this book by my brother, and this was the book that opened my eyes on how people treat women in the corporate world. I could relate to everything that she wrote. She wrote about women's compensations, how men are still ruling the world, the internal obstacles in our head that hold us back to progress in our job, family and life, and it's all written in a very readable way. Not a single chapter made me want to put the book down, and I think everyone should read this book, especially the men in our life.

The Shiva Trilogy by Amish
I hadn't read the first two books and I think the third one was released earlier in 2014 if I am not wrong, and I saw everyone reading and talking about it so I thought I should find out. To read the third book, I of course had to read the first two, and I am so glad that I did. This is such a good fiction on our ancient mythology, and the there is so much thought and logic behind the story, that I sometimes wondered, what if this wasn't just a story, but the truth. I would highly recommend that you read this book, if you haven't already. I can't wait to read more of his work.

I think these were my top 4 books, the ones that I really enjoyed than the rest. I would also like to give a special mention to The Cuckoo's calling, just because it's by J.K Rowling (she used a pseudonym Robert Galbraith for this book and her latest) and I really enjoyed the way she unfolded the mystery (can you tell that I am a massive fan of the thriller/mystery genre?)

I also read few books just because they had a movie coming out, like the Divergent series (which I really enjoyed too, btw), John Green's The Fault in our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and Paper Towns; and I think The fault in our stars has to be my favourite amongst the three, and it was quite heart warming, and I wish I could find me an Augustus Waters. I also read the Hunger Games series, which was nice, and we were liars by E.L Lockhart which was really nice too; a good book for someone who is just starting to read.

The books that I am looking forward to reading this year are Girl Boss, Yes Please, Bossy Pants (a lot of business books), I want to also read a few of Stephen King's work (I am slightly embarrassed to reveal that I haven't read any), and of course The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K Rowling). You can follow my Pinterest board of the books that I am going to read, click here to take you there.

I would love to know your favourite books of all time and the one that you recommend the most!

Are you planning on reading this new year? Tell me in the comments down below.