Bioderma Review
Bioderma, Price Rs 860/- 250ml and Rs 599/- 100ml

The word micelle always reminds me of my chemistry classes, back in my biotechnology days. I remember always exampling detergents and how it cleans the dirt off our clothes forming micelles in a colloidal solution, if only I knew of bioderma back then I would have written the process of this one instead. Sometimes I wish I had done a course on cosmetic chemistry instead of biotechnology; I would have been making lipsticks or  formulating hair dyes some where in the world. I have no regrets though, I ABSOLUTELY love what I am doing now, writing blogs and making videos for the Youtube.

If you are wondering what micelles are then here’s all you need to know. They are molecules that have a very affinity to bind with oil, grease and dirt and form a “micelle” with them which can be very easily washed off with water. Oil and water are insoluble with water, micelle molecules makes them soluble. These molecules work very fast, which is why you’ll find them in makeup removers nowadays and detergents, like I mentioned earlier.

Bioderma has literally revolutionised the world of makeup removers. It has completely won over and moved aside the bi-phased makeup removers which were once ruling the shelves. It works incredibly fast and feels just water. You’ll only need a small amount on your cotton pad and place onto your eyes or lips for at least 10-20 seconds to break down all your makeup. It doesn’t an excellent job of removing stubborn and persistent makeup like waterproof mascaras, lipsticks, and kohl in one single swipe. I love taking tiny bit of bioderma on a q-tip and use that to perfect my winged liner or lipstick. 

This cleansers in perfect for those who have extremely sensitive, eczema or acne prone skin since it is very gentle and won't aggravate your skin.    

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