Foolproof Way To Make Your Eyelashes Stay Curled All Day

It's all about the heat. Just like you use a heat tool to straighten or curl your hair, you can heat up your eye lash curler and then use it to curl your lashes. This will ensure that you get a beautiful, long lasting curl.

There are several ways you can heat up your eyelash curler, and using a blow drier is one of them. I like to set the blow drier on the highest setting, blast the hot air on both the sides of the curler for 1o-20 seconds each and then wait for it to cool down for another 10-20 seconds. Make sure that you check the temperature of the curler on the back of your hands to make sure that you don't burn your eyes. Be very careful when you heat up the curler, do not heat it up more than 20 seconds.

Once the curler is at the optimum temperature, go ahead and curl your lashes like you normally would and apply your favourite mascara. Voila! you've got long lasting eyelash curls in less than a minute.

If you don't own a blow drier, you'll get similar results by dipping the eye lash curler in a glass of warm water for around 30 seconds.

This technique will be a life saviour for those of you who have hard to curl or extremely straight lashes. If you find your lashes going back straight even after you've applied mascara, try this trick and share the results with me in the comments down below.