Canvas plimsolls wasn't the reason why I went to the shoe section at Forever 21 two weeks ago, I was actually lusting the black slip on plimsolls that I had seen many weeks ago on the New Look and Asos website, it's the one in the picture below. After being sold out for weeks, I finally found it.After being sold out for weeks, I finally found it.

Very glad that I finally found what I was looking for, I went and stood in queue to pay for my shoes and leave. A girl ahead of me in the queue was billing a pair of burgundy canvas shoe, and I realised that I NEEDED this too. I made my mom stand in line for me, ran towards the shoe section, only to realise that that was the last piece. Frantic, I asked the SA if there were any canvas plimsolls left, he pointed me to a different table where I found these grey ones, and that too in my size. I grabbed them immediately, making sure that I clasped it securely so that nobody could snatch it from me (nobody does that irl :P) and ran towards billing.

Now that you've heard the story behind the shoe, let me tell you that it was totally worth it. These are so unbelievably comfortable and light. The grey colour is perfect, because now that I think of it, I wouldn't have worn the burgundy one as much as I wear the grey one. These shoes look good with anything, be it leggings and a tee, workout cloths, or even a dress.

It has begin to get a little bit chilly here in Mumbai, and my feet are the first one to get cold, so these are perfect for the weather here now. They keep my feet warm, but not too warm that my feet starts sweating. Also, I walk a lot, so this has actually helped me walk faster, well much faster than when I wear flats or flip flops.

You can even work out wearing these, or go for a trek, but since it is not that pricey, I am not sure if the shoes are really durable. Only time will tell I guess. I will put a note down below in case anything happens to them after few months.

Speaking of prices, this was priced at Rs 759/- and I had to buy one size smaller than usual (37 instead of 38) It might not be the same for you, so I'd suggest that you try this on before you buy, in case you liked them as much as I do.

Do you wear sneakers/plimsolls?