2014 has been an incredible journey, thank you so much for reading my blog, watching my videos, liking, commenting, tweeting, and basically just being awesome all throughout 2014! It was an amazing year of learning, failing, getting up again and meeting new/amazing people!! I can't wait to spend 2015 together with you, I am sure it is going to be a fabulous year. 

Here is a video of all of my favourite moments from 2014, and you can stay in touch with me via Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, all with the username @debasreee  

I am going start uploading two videos a week every Monday and Thursday starting January 1st over at my Youtube Channel, click here to subscribe, and by the time you are reading this the first video should be up already! 

I am also planning on publishing a new post here on allsheneeds.in every single day, which is going to be difficult but not impossible and I am writing it down here to remind me and keep me motivated.

I hope you have an amazing 2015 and as they say, you have 365 blank pages ahead, make them count!

Photography by Mohit Varu, check out his facebook page for more awesomeness!