Maybelline Colour Crayon Kohl in Ocean Blue

The  Maybelline Color Show Crayon in Ocean Blue is one of the most vibrant drugstore blue liner I have come across, but not the smoothest. 

Ocean Blue is an intense royal blue with flecks of shimmer in it (the shimmer isn't very noticeable). Even though the colour payoff is good, it takes much more than one swipe for the colour to show up brilliantly. You need to heat the pencil up, either by rubbing the pencil back and forth on the back of your hands (which wastes a lot of product) or by heating it up with a lighter for few seconds. Usually kohls that take a little rubbing to show their true colour are hard, and so is this one, I lost half of my pencil because it broke off. Usually, retractable, i.e twist up pencils can be used up totally, without any wastage, but since this was so stiff, it broke off very easily (please don't pick up the fallen piece and try to stick it back, doesn't work, also, highly unhygienic :P) 

Since, the kohl is very hard, it's not very safe to apply one your lower lash line as you need to rub a couple of times for the colour to show up, and it also tugs/drags the skin. The longevity of this one is however quite smudge proof once it sets. I prefer wearing this on my upper lash line (where it lasts longer) than my lower lash line. It lasts almost 3-4 hours on my upper lash line.

I am not very impressed with the formulation of this one, however the colour of this kohl is very intense and it can be a really good one to add a hint of colour onto your look.  

The Maybelline Color Show Crayon kohls are priced at Rs 325/-