Maybelline revamped their classic Eye and Lip Makeup Remover and we have a new and express eye & lip makeup remover. When they say that these have fast acting dissolving agents, they really mean it. The scentless two-phased makeup remover, is very effective in removing persistent and water proof eye/lip makeup. Even though the remover is bi phased, it doesn't temporarily blur your vision (like other oil based cleansers usually do), and it just leaves a thin oily residue on your eyes and lips. It's effective without irritating your eyes, it is very gentle.

You need shake the bottle well for the two phases to mix in well, then soak a cotton pad with it and place it your eye lids or lips (applying a gentle pressure on the cotton pad), wait for around 10-20 seconds, and then gently slide the cotton pad to remove your eye or lip makeup. This would be perfect for using after a long night out where the last thing you'd want to do is take off your makeup (you must always remove your makeup before going to sleep though).

The remover comes in a clear, plastic bottle which is very convenient for travelling. However, the 70ml of product might run out pretty quickly if you use it daily. The remover, however, is priced amazingly at Rs 275/-, which won't pinch your conscience if you had to go and buy yourself a new one when/if you run out. I will definitely be buying another bottle when I run out of this one.


Are you tempted to try the new Maybelline Total Clean Express Makeup remover?