I have been raving about this lip balm for a long time now, if you’ve read my Sephora, Delhi haul, you must have first seen this baby pop up there. I was so excited to find Nuxe here in India, and having heard so much about the Reve De Miel by Lisa Eldridge and EssieButton, I decided I should give it a try. 

The frosted glass bottle makes the tub look really fancy, but since you've to use this using your fingers, it can get a little unhygienic. The lip balm itself has a beautiful balmy texture, very thick and creamy, and it smells mildly of honey, quite a mild and soothing smell. Once you apply it over your lips, it feels gritty and almost scrubs away any dry and flaky skin on your lips, but the grittiness goes away after you massage the balm on your lips. The balm seals in the moisture of your lips excellently and heals/prevents chapped lips.

The lip balm is matte, which is why I am so fond of it, a perfect base for wearing underneath lipsticks, especially those really dry matte ones. I apply it before I start doing my makeup and then apply my lipstick at last so that the balm has had time to sink in, and makes my matte lipsticks glide on smoothly without dragging on my lips.

I actually use this balm twice a day, once before I apply my lipstick, and then before I go to bed. I find that whenever I go to sleep wearing this, I always wake up with this lip balm still on lips, and my lips feeling extremely soft and moisturised.

Despite being very expensive for just a lip balm, I think it is well worth it, and I know I'll be buying a new one once this one gets over (unless I find something even better than this). It priced a Rs 1200 for 15ml and you can find it online at or