This one is for those of you with extremely dry and dehydrated skin; Familiar with the itchy sensation you get post shaving? This is the only body butter that has actually stopped me from scratching my legs over and over again when those prickly 2nd day hair comes out. 

The body shop hemp body butter, like all TBS body butters, comes in a plastic tub and is mint green in colour. I am not particularly fond of the fragrance, but thankfully it doesn’t linger and you don’t have to smell like ‘hemp’ the whole day. 

In case you’re wondering if hemp is really what you think it is, then yes, this body butter is actually made out of cannabis leaves. I was very skeptical at first, but then I did a bit of digging, and found out that these are made up of community fair trade hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is extremely moisturising and it actually locks in the moisture for the longest time. It has long been added to products made specifically for very dry skin.

The butter is extremely thick, that’s why it is takes a little effort to spread it onto your legs and arms. It’s easier to spread the butter when you are freshly out of a hot shower or bath, and that’s also the best time for you to you generously spread this all over your body as all your pores are open and it will absorb the oils faster and will lock it in.  I am honestly blown away with the results, and I think this is going to be ‘the’ winter body butter for me. The body butter will be only suitable for those with very dry skin, places with very harsh winters. or someone who gets very dry, flaky and itchy skin post hair removal. 

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