Learning to Walk.

I used to love bath time.

Putting random stuff into my mouth was my favourite passtime

Very happy after being able to bite the random stuff for as long as I wanted to. 

Caught red handed trying to take down cloths from my mom's wardrobe to try on and throw everything that came in the way.

My inner Miley Cyrus pouring out. 
One of my favourite dresses.
OOTD (Mom's Creation)

OOTD (Ghaghra from Rajasthan)
OOTD (Another one of my fav dresses)
OOTD (with my swag on)
OOTD (Obligatory Traditional Darjeeling Picture)
The lady who took care of me when mommy was away/busy. Her name was Sukhi, and I still remember/miss her.
Siblings bonding inside Taj Mahal
And I am really excited about the cow's ears.
At a Fancy Dress Party, if you can guess who I went as, I'll send you a gift, I promise. It's not easy to guess, let me warn you though.
I had a Doll cake. 
Very excited about the foam deer. 
Those awkward teen days. That specs though. 
Mercury was the wing that I was a member of in my school (Proud Mercurian) and this was a cultural program, dancing with my friend Trisha to a Bengali song called "Alow amar Alow"
This was Parents Day. I forgot which song were we dancing to though. 
I sang too, very badly, but I did. If I remember correctly we sang to Michael Learn's To Rock's Take Me To your Heart. I think I still remember the lyrics. Or it might have been a song with the word "guiding star" in it. It is this song. I don't know. Anyways, can you spot the heavy dose of highlighter in our faces. Lord Almighty!! 
Playing/posing with Sukhi, and sitting on my paternal grandma's lap when I was 2 months old. 
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What was your favourite childhood memory?