February Favourites

A round up of all of my favourite beauty products from February. 
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Top 10 Workout Videos on Youtube

I am not the most consistent when it comes to exercising, but whenever I do I always rely on Youtube. I remember watching Zuzana, from Body Rock.Tv. She was one of the first "fitness guru" I ever watched back in 2009 and that's how I found workout videos on youtube. I have a lot favourite workout videos that I like to sweat it out with, and here are my top 10 ones.

10.  7-minute Workout

You can't have any excuse to take 7 minutes out of your schedule to exercise, can you? If you don't work out at all, you can start with this routine. I love that it has breaks, breaks are my favourite.

9. Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners by Tara Stiles

Tara stiles's channel was one of the first yoga channels I had discovered many years ago, and I still go back whenever I can't fall asleep. She has some amazing morning and night yoga routines, and her weight loss yoga for beginners is one of my favourtie routines from her.

8. Tone it up Bikini Body Routine

The tone it up girls, Karena and Katrina, are THE instructors if you are looking forward to getting bikini ready this summer.

7. Fat Frying Bikini Workout

FitSugar has some really good workout videos, and this one is one of my favourites.

6. Dance with Julianne Cardio Ballroom
This workout might look like it's easy, but it is a lot more difficult than you think it is. She makes the poses seem to easy and effortless. I have never finished this routine and I am out of breath in the first 20 minutes, but its a lot of fun dancing with her nonetheless.

5. Victoria Secret Model Abs by Blogilates

Casey is so much fun to workout with, she is so lively, relatable and motivating. I love her fun and energetic workouts, especially the cardio ones with popular songs. This one is amazing if you want to tone your abs.

4. 30 Days Shred
This is something that I am proud of because this is the only workout schedule that I kept up with and you can read more about it here.

3. 6 weeks 6 packs
This has 2 levels, each for 3 weeks and if you keep up with her instructions, I think you can see a difference on your core muscles. I don't think you'll get ripped abs after this, but you'll definately see the results. This is another routine that I actually finished, and really enjoyed. Fair warning though, Jillian is tough!!

2. Pump It Up
This is one of my all time favourite workouts, and would actually be number one in this list if I hadn't found Adriene's channel. I love dancing with Deanne, and the music in this video is amazing. The outfits worn by the dancers are a little bit raunchy and very 80s, because this was inspired by the "Call on me" music video, which is very racy. You'll burst that heart rate and get an amazing cardio with this. You'll love working out with this routine. Did I mention that there are a good amount of pelvic thrusting involved in this workout? hahah. :D

P.S: It's so funny to watch the only guy in the video!!

1. Yoga with Adriene

This is the routine that I currently am obsessed with and this is the first day of the #30daysofyoga with Adriene and I will let her explain what this is in the following video.

Are you planning on working out with anyone of the videos I shared? Which one did you like the most? 
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I have struggled with acne all my life and since a lot of you have been asking me to do a video on how to take care of acne and so here it is, I shared my acne story, things I like to do to keep them away and the products I like to use. I also share few lifestyle changes that will help you get rid of them naturally. I hope this video helps some of you out who are dealing with acne. I am not an expert and these are just a few things that has worked on me and things that I like to do to keep my acne prone skin clear.

Products Mentioned:

Saslyc DS (only available via Dr's prescription)
Clinique Foaming Gel for Oily Skin
The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash
The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash
The Body Shop Sea Weed Face Wash 
The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
The Body Shop Sea Weed Ionic Clay Mask
La Roche Posay Effaclar duo+
La Roche Posay Effaclar duo
Clinique Dramatically different Moisturising gel
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
Lush Grease Lightening
Avene Thermal Spring Water
Easy DIY anti-acne facemask 

If you have any question please feel free to leave them in the comments down below. 
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"I am so happy that the weather is starting to get warm again", said no Mumbaikar ever. Nevertheless, I just felt like adding a bit of colour and eyeshadow back into my life. This whole month, and the previous, I didn't wear any eye shadow, at all. It was just winged liner and lashes, but as I was on my way to increase the fan speed, just so that I don't sweat of my makeup while I am doing it, I decided to add some violet on my lids. On my eyes I just have the Maybelline Color Tatoo in Painted purple, with a little bit of blue in the inner corner, just to have that really nice transition. I dabbed a little bit of the shade called Water Resistant from the Deborah Milano Eye Shadow Stick, and added a light shimmery purple eye shadow dust by Oriflame into my inner corner. I din't add any kohl or liner to my lashes, and just put a lot of Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara. Since a lot is happening on my eyes, I just applied one layer of the Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker (love the name) gloss on my lips. I love that frizzy, effervescent feeling on my lips whenever I apply this. I can actually feel my lips plumping up, it's feels weird but so good.

I also really wanted to put my hair up in a Milkmaid braid, I have been wanting to try this hairdo for a long time but I never actually put my hair up that often. It is usually left down or in a messy side braid. I just parted my hair in the back into two, braided them into dutch braid and pinned it on my crown. I took out a few pieces of hair just to frame my face a little, and pinned my bangs to give that side swept look.

I also donned this pretty floral print body con dress, from Forever21, because I was feeling very Springy. I love paring my V necklace with round neck tops/dresses, I just love the contrast. The necklace is also from Forever21. I tried taking a full length picture of the dress but it was just not possible indoors, and the watchman didn't let me take pictures outside.

I don't understand why is everyone so against photography. If they see a professional camera, they immediately shove you out of a campus, be it gardens, parks, societies, street, buildings, beach. It is so difficult to take a decent OOTD picture outside, unless you scout a place weeks in advance, here in Mumbai. Ok I will stop ranting now.

How's the weather at your place right now? Tell me in the comments down below!

Also, thumbs up to anyone who can get the title reference! ;) :P 
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A knee length, fitted pencil skirt is a staple if you're working in a corporate environment. It is one of those basic pieces that is so versatile and can paired with a lot of things to dress you up or down. I love pairing my pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt if I were to go to work. Since the skirt is high waisted, I love pairing it with a crop top as well. I think this look would be perfect if you have casual Friday's at your office, where you neither want to look too formal or too casual at the same time.

Although I love wearing colour, there is something about monochrome outfits that always pull me towards them. Black is such an empowering colour, and wearing a comfortable, chic outfit incorporating such colours to work totally elevates your confidence level.

What I am wearing:
  • Crop top: Cult Fiction, find it online here.
  • Pencit Skirt: Marks and Spencers
  • Shoes & Bag: Forever 21 
Photography by the super talented Kushal Gandhi. You can check out his work and follow him on instagram @gandhikushal 
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Confessions of a Youtuber Tag

We revealed a few Youtubing secrets in this video!! 
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If you've seen my tutorials lately, you might have seen these pop up quite a lot in them. As you can probably tell from my selfies on my instagram, I am into winged liners at the moment. I have used up the Loreal super liner in Black Lacquer until it's last drop and I have even found a cheaper alternative for it, which you can tread here. I have been trying out the new Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara and using it before I do my eyeliner so that I can go as close to my lash line as possible. I curl my lashes first, apply two coats of mascara and then go ahead and draw the winged liner. If you have hard to curl lashes, then you can read a fool proof way to keep your lashes curled here.

For my base, I have been using the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream a lot lately. I always see myself reaching for this CC cream whenever I am not too confident about my skin, and this is the base I recommend all my friends. The CC cream is usually followed by the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touche Highlighting concealer underneath my eyes. I just love this concealer for everyday purposes, it feels extremely light underneath your eyes, blends really quickly, hides any pigmentation, and illuminates the under eye area. The only thing that I dislike about this highlighter is that it takes ages for the product to come out on the tip after I rotate the pen, and when it does, the product overflows and I get more than what I need.

Miss Claire has been a new discovery this month and I am loving each and every product that I got, but I have been wearing the Soft matte lip cream in No 8 and the blush in No 14 a lot, almost every single day. I love the little golden flecks of glitter in the blush that reflects the light when you move or talk, so you don't need a highlighter, and this shade is the perfect everyday pink for your cheeks. The blush and lip creams are priced at Rs 195/-.

You can see the swatches for all the Miss Claire soft matte lip creams I got, here.

For those of you reading All She Needs, or watching my youtube videos, from Delhi, you can find Miss Claire at the shop called "Impressions" near Karol Bagh Station. Thank you Soma for sharing that with me. :)

What does your everyday makeup consist of? Do you wear makeup every single day? 
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If you've been wanting to get this look but don't own a curling iron, don't worry, I've got you covered with this tutorial.

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I love a good challenge so when Garnier got in touch and sent me their new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening shampoo and conditioner for their #HappyHairChallenge,  I thought why not. This would help you guys a lot if you are looking forward to a full and honest review of the new range and find out if it's worth using it. I will start my challenge today, and in the next 30 days I will use it every single time I wash my hair.

I have always loved the loud and bright packaging of the Garnier Fructis shampoos and I absolutely love the bright yellow bottles of this range. I also really liked the fruity and zesty fragrance of the shampoo.

Right now my hair is quite well behaved by not being too frizzy or unmanageable. I have a few split ends because of using a lot of heat tools recently. My ends are a little dry at the moment and I need a trim desperately. I also have a mild hair fall because of breakage at the moment. Other than that I think my hair isn't doing so badly, but I am hoping that using the new shampoo, which has coconut, almond and olive oil, will help me with my dry ends and breakage.

I am looking forward to trying this one, and will get back to you in 30 days.

Have you tried any one of the Garnier Fructis Range? Which one is your favourite?

P.S.: I have completed the 30 day #HappyHairChallenge and you can find out the results by clicking here. 
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If you read this post, you would have already known that this year I decided to live my life rather than sulk all day in my office desk. So I chose spending time with my loved ones and decided to finally visit two of my closest friend's city. I had heard SO MUCH about this place, so many stories, the food, the cleanliness, and honestly it was on of the best places that I've ever been. The kids who grew up in this town must be so lucky, no wonder the highest number of Indian Athletes hail from Jamshedpur. As my friend was driving me around the city and we passed by the Tata Sports stadium, I saw a bunch of kids practising archery. I asked her to stop the car so that I could admire them practising their skill. It was spectacular.

My parents also fell in love with the city and with the hospitality. My mom also tried bowling for the first time there, and she absolutely loved it. She is such a fun person to hang around with, I love travelling with her, and seeing her getting so excited when she knocked down her first pin made me feel incredibly happy. I even made her pose for an OOTD picture, as you can see, I thought she looked so fresh in her bottle green shirt (I have the same one) and her light blue denims. My dad was pretty excited too, and he usually doesn't get to come along with us to such short trips, and I was so happy that he came along with us. Look at him smiling and posing for pics. So cute. :P

It was a little cold there, so I wore my favourite pink sweater, made by mummy, with this infinity scarf that I made myself. I just bought a satin cloth that I liked, and glued the ends together to make it an infinity scarf. We had a lot of walking to do, and my slip on sneakers from Forever21 got a lot of use in this trip. I love that it kept my feet warm, and looked good with everything that I wore.

Meeting my friends, Nancy and Karishma, at their hometown was such an amazing experience. I stayed over at Nancy's and we literally talked till it was 4am, just like college days. Also, I'd like you guys to meet Judo, Karishma's 2 year old German Shepherd with the world's cutest doggy ears. He is such a playful, friendly, cuddly little monster. Judo is so full of energy, always hyper. I still remember when we walked into her house, he was so excited that he and ran jumped onto a cane sofa and fell along with it. It was hilarious. Look at that puppy face, such a munchkin.

I am definitely going back to try the dosas there. It was such a short trip that I missed so many experiences. The local best selling food, the dam and so many other things.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first instalment of the travelogue series, here on All She Needs. As I travel, I'll be writing and sharing more such experiences and memories with you guys.

What is the best place that you've ever travelled too? 
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How to make wine at home


  • 1 kg bananas 
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 200 grams broken wheat (dalia)
  • 2 litres filtered Water (Luke warm)
You will also need:

  • A glass jar with lid
  • Tinted Bottles
  • A dark space to store the jar.
  1. Peel and mash the bananas, and place it at the bottom of the glass jar.
  2. Add broken wheat and yeast to the mashed bananas and keep it in a dark place, covered securely. 
  3. Once the fruits have fermented overnight, add in the sugar with the lukewarm water.
  4. Let that sit for another 3-4 days. You can stir the mixture occasionally.
  5. After a few days, carefully filter the liquid using a strainer and store it in dark tinted bottles. 
Few Things to keep in mind:

  • Be careful to let the air escape from the bottles you've stored, or else they will pop up on their own and will spill wine everywhere. Make sure that when you do that, don't let air from the outside to enter into the wine. 
  • Fill the bottle till the rim to avoid oxygenating the wine. 
  • Let the wine mature at least 1-2 months before you consume it. 
  • You can add more sugar if you like your wine sweet. 


  • This is how my mother makes it at home and this might not be the professional way to make it. She has been making homemade wine for many years now and we always enjoy drinking it together. She has made wines from Banana, plums, grapes, oranges, and tea. You can use the same method for all the fruits. 
  • Please research well before you proceed making wine at home,
  • If you are below 18, please wait till your 18th birthday to enjoy some homemade wine. I do not encourage underage drinking. 

Will you try this soon? 
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Since a lot of you requested a video on how I blow dried my hair, I finally uploaded the video showing you how I do it and the products I use along with. I highly recommend using a product that will prevent your hair from any heat damage and the one that I use is the Kerastase Nectar Thermique, which I have reviewed here. This is a product that I absolutely love as it is specifically to be used before blow drying and it helps detangle your hair and also makes it easier for your hair to glide on top of the round brush. The brush that I used in this video is from Torlen, and this a professional brush for blow drying. The brush is perforated to let the air flow, and the barrel is ceramic so it ensures that the brush heats up evenly. I also use the Oriflame HairX Volume Mousse to add a lot of volume into my hair, especially the crown section. I love that this mousse doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky and it holds the volume till I wash my hair again. 

After I am done blow drying, I like to use the Moroccan Oil only onto the ends of my hair to give back the moisture it has lost because of blow drying. It also leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. The blow drier I used is the Eti Excell Black professional blow drier. This blow drier is made in Italy and super powerful with a 2000 watts motor which allows an intense blow of air onto your hair. This way, the blow drier pushes the excess water out of your hair, instead of evaporating it (which is very damaging). If you are looking for a affordable but professional blow drier, I would highly recommend this one. 

So these were all of my blow dry essentials, let me know what are your favourite blow drying products in the comments down below.
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 A makeup tutorial on this glamorous look that you can were this valentines day.

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★ Stars & Hearts ❤

If you ever bump onto me on a random day some where, chances are I will be wearing something very casual and comfy. Something very similar to what I am wearing here. I have a special place in my heart for prints and patterns, and stars are one of my favourite prints on tees after breton strips. I loved the way the stars slowly transition into hearts near the hem of the shirt. I also loved that the tee fits on your busts and flares all the way down.

I love sporting racer back tees, especially in Mumbai, because it is always so hot and humid here. If you are wondering what sort of bra to wear underneath such deep racer backs then you can check this bandeau here, or you can pin the two straps of your bra together on your back using a safety pin and tuck it behind the racer back. I am wearing a bandeau I got from forever 21.

These shorts will always will always have a very special place in my wardrobe because this was the first thing I bought when I had first come to Mumbai, before I actually started living here. I thrifted it from a road side stall at Hill Road, Bandra and guess how much it was for? I will give you time to think... Go on....

It was for Rs 150/- :D hahaha I know right?

What I am wearing:
  • Tee: Cult Fiction, find it online here.
  • Shorts: Thrifted, Hill Road Bandra.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden, Spiked Jelly Beans. Also featured here.
  • Necklace: Forever 21. 
Photography by the super talented Kushal Gandhi. You can check out his work and follow him on instagram @gandhikushal 

What are your favourite comfy cloths? 
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I had so much fun filming this with my brother, I never thought he would be so comfortable in front of the camera!! I am so happy that he agreed to do this with me. :)

Let me know if you want more videos with him. 
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Sharing a round up of all of the products I loved using in January. :)
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Here is something a little different from my usual beauty post and product reviews for you guys. Like I mentioned in this post I am looking forward to doing things I never thought I would do this year. I want to do things that take risk, courage and do things that my gut tells me to do, and do it a 100% or not at all. Quitting my job was one such thing, I quit my stable multinational day job to do what I am genuinely passionate about and I have not regretted a single moment since then. Now I have all the time in the world, to discover my passion, my strengths and weaknesses, time to travel, to take risk and most importantly to spend time with my loved ones.

Speaking of travel, I did quite a lot of it in the past month and I finally got the time to unpack yesterday. I was out the whole month of January, and I got the chance to visit two of my really good friend's hometown and loved each moment I spent there. I also had the chance to attend my friend's wedding and had the best time ever.

Quitting my job has actually made me busier than I was before. I actually wake up on my own every morning, by 9-10 am (a massive change from sleeping at 4 and waking up at 12) and schedule my whole day and work my ass off the whole day. I love it.

These pics were just taken before I left for the wedding, and since I was so busy, didn't have time to actually shop for sarees in person, and this saree couldn't have come to me in a better time than this. I got this saree from Sareez.com. It is one of the largest online stores for Indian ethnic wears like sarees, salwar kameezes, lehengas and sherwanis. In today's time, I think e-stores like this are such a bliss for working women, or men.  This saree isn't too heavy and still not too simple at the same time. I prefer bright colours and patterns over bling when it comes to sarees. Bright colours and patterns will never make you feel underdressed or overdressed anywhere. The material of this saree is bhagalpuri silk, with a beautiful floral and leaf print and a bright printed border. Here is the link to this particular saree, it is named as Davy's Grey and Amber Yellow Bhagalpuri Silk Printed Casual Saree. What I was most impressed about the way the blouse fit me. I just mentioned my size and design preferences and I got it exactly like the way I wanted. I didn't have to alter or change it, which is something that I always worry about if I order clothes online and since this time I didn't have any time I was really really happy about this. They courier the cloths via Bluedart, so you can track your order and know exactly when it is going to be in your door step.

This six yards of clothe has a unique charm to it, as very rightly told by Laxmi Rebecca, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, saree is a power suit and as soon as you enter a room you know what the man are talking about. It can make you feel sexy and powerful at the same time.

I learned draping a saree when I was in boarding school, it happened because of all the dance performances I was taking part in. Here are a few nostalgic pics if you want to go down my memory lane.

I had a lot of fun while photographing this saree and all the credits goes to Kushal Gandhi for taking these pictures. You can check out his work and follow him on instagram @gandhikushal 

When was the last time you wore a saree? Talk to me in the comments down below :)

Click here for the link to buy this saree.

*The saree was sent to me by sareez.com*
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