I love a good challenge so when Garnier got in touch and sent me their new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening shampoo and conditioner for their #HappyHairChallenge,  I thought why not. This would help you guys a lot if you are looking forward to a full and honest review of the new range and find out if it's worth using it. I will start my challenge today, and in the next 30 days I will use it every single time I wash my hair.

I have always loved the loud and bright packaging of the Garnier Fructis shampoos and I absolutely love the bright yellow bottles of this range. I also really liked the fruity and zesty fragrance of the shampoo.

Right now my hair is quite well behaved by not being too frizzy or unmanageable. I have a few split ends because of using a lot of heat tools recently. My ends are a little dry at the moment and I need a trim desperately. I also have a mild hair fall because of breakage at the moment. Other than that I think my hair isn't doing so badly, but I am hoping that using the new shampoo, which has coconut, almond and olive oil, will help me with my dry ends and breakage.

I am looking forward to trying this one, and will get back to you in 30 days.

Have you tried any one of the Garnier Fructis Range? Which one is your favourite?

P.S.: I have completed the 30 day #HappyHairChallenge and you can find out the results by clicking here.