I have been trying the new Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure hair therapy range for almost a month now and my hair has seriously changed since then. I have been in mumbai for more than a year, and now I am almost used to frizzy hair and have accepted it as my natural hair condition, because every time I let my hair dry on it's own, no matter which shampoo or conditioner I use, it ends up being frizzy.

I have always been reluctant about using hair products from this brand, it's just a pointless prejudice I had in my mind and I am seriously a Schwarzkopf convert now (just don't ask me to pronounce/spell the brand)

The repair rescue shampoo does an excellent job of cleaning your hair without stripping off your hair, you don't hear that squeaky sound if you run your fingers down your hair after shampooing. Most days I followed it up with the repair rescue conditioner, which is a really light weight conditioner, and the deep conditioning treatment (my favourite from the range). The deep conditioning treatment is very thick, almost like a hair mask, and I use it once a week or twice if I've applied heat onto my hair. It leaves my hair incredibly smooth and supple. I mean it, it has literally transformed the way my hair feels and looks.

I have been getting a lot of comments on my hair in my instagram (@debasreee) and I think my hair has started to appear glossier after I have started using the restorative serum and the beauty balm. The serum comes in a bottle with a dipper attached with it and you need only two to three drops of it, applied directly onto your scalp. It helps in minimising breakage, and strengthens fragile hair (something that I needed badly). The Beauty balm is a leave in conditioner and it locks in the moisture from the conditioner. This is what I owe the glossiness and the lack of frizz in the hair for. Beauty balm was the first product from the range that I applied onto my unwashed hair and I felt the difference immediately. My 3rd day hair is usually very oily at the scalp and very dry and frizzy at the ends, and this had actually tamed down the frizz.

To be honest though, the volume boost is the least used product from the range as I don't like using hair mousse every time I wash or blow dry my hair. I have used this a couple of time and I was happy that it didn't leave my hair or hands feeling sticky and didn't made me want to run and wash my hands immediately. It lifted my hair up and the volume stayed the entire day, but went away the next day.

So in retrospective, I am very happy with the way my hair is behaving (never thought I would use behave and hair in the same sentence before) ever since I've changed my hair care routine. I would highly recommend that you go check out your nearest Schwartzkopf salon and experience this range first hand. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think Lakmé salons keep schwartzkopf, so you can go check this range out there.

Have you tried any hair care product from Schwarzkopf before? Talk to me in the comments down below. :) 

This was a PR sample. All opinions are mine and a 100% honest.