Here is something a little different from my usual beauty post and product reviews for you guys. Like I mentioned in this post I am looking forward to doing things I never thought I would do this year. I want to do things that take risk, courage and do things that my gut tells me to do, and do it a 100% or not at all. Quitting my job was one such thing, I quit my stable multinational day job to do what I am genuinely passionate about and I have not regretted a single moment since then. Now I have all the time in the world, to discover my passion, my strengths and weaknesses, time to travel, to take risk and most importantly to spend time with my loved ones.

Speaking of travel, I did quite a lot of it in the past month and I finally got the time to unpack yesterday. I was out the whole month of January, and I got the chance to visit two of my really good friend's hometown and loved each moment I spent there. I also had the chance to attend my friend's wedding and had the best time ever.

Quitting my job has actually made me busier than I was before. I actually wake up on my own every morning, by 9-10 am (a massive change from sleeping at 4 and waking up at 12) and schedule my whole day and work my ass off the whole day. I love it.

These pics were just taken before I left for the wedding, and since I was so busy, didn't have time to actually shop for sarees in person, and this saree couldn't have come to me in a better time than this. I got this saree from It is one of the largest online stores for Indian ethnic wears like sarees, salwar kameezes, lehengas and sherwanis. In today's time, I think e-stores like this are such a bliss for working women, or men.  This saree isn't too heavy and still not too simple at the same time. I prefer bright colours and patterns over bling when it comes to sarees. Bright colours and patterns will never make you feel underdressed or overdressed anywhere. The material of this saree is bhagalpuri silk, with a beautiful floral and leaf print and a bright printed border. Here is the link to this particular saree, it is named as Davy's Grey and Amber Yellow Bhagalpuri Silk Printed Casual Saree. What I was most impressed about the way the blouse fit me. I just mentioned my size and design preferences and I got it exactly like the way I wanted. I didn't have to alter or change it, which is something that I always worry about if I order clothes online and since this time I didn't have any time I was really really happy about this. They courier the cloths via Bluedart, so you can track your order and know exactly when it is going to be in your door step.

This six yards of clothe has a unique charm to it, as very rightly told by Laxmi Rebecca, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, saree is a power suit and as soon as you enter a room you know what the man are talking about. It can make you feel sexy and powerful at the same time.

I learned draping a saree when I was in boarding school, it happened because of all the dance performances I was taking part in. Here are a few nostalgic pics if you want to go down my memory lane.

I had a lot of fun while photographing this saree and all the credits goes to Kushal Gandhi for taking these pictures. You can check out his work and follow him on instagram @gandhikushal 

When was the last time you wore a saree? Talk to me in the comments down below :)

Click here for the link to buy this saree.

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